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J-Drama adapted from Ai Morinaga's comic book with the same name. For some odd reason, a somewhat dainty, effeminate young man named Uehara Akira (Shioya Shun, from Girl’s Life Tokyo Noir and TV’s Designer) has taken a fancy to Nanako. In a strange twist of fate, Akira bumps into Nanako’s mad scientist of a grandfather. While the not-so-good doctor is performing an experiment on Nanako to test a person’s thoughts, an accident occurs, causing Nanako and Akira to switch bodies! Hilarity ensues as the Akira unintentionally “feminizes” Nanako while his mind is stuck in her body, earning the undue attention of his long-time friends! While fending off his classmates’ advances, Akira is eager to switch back to his old body and get everything back to normal. One problem though: Nanako is just having too much fun as a guy to change back to her old self!


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