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YOUR4X4 is all about 'your bush', 'your outback', 'your weekend' and 'your journey'. Hence the title YOUR4X4. This stunning 4x4 show highlights the trips, destinations and scenery that the average 4wdriver can achieve. Along the way there are plenty of tech tips and driving advice from our team of highly experienced experts and you will learn how to set up your own 4wd whether it’s for local day jaunts or extended remote touring.


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S04E06 Kukerin / Sydney 00/00/0000 Tune in this week to enjoy sights and scenes from East to West. We kick off with a focus story on the small WA town of Kukerin. Once a year all manner of motor sport fans flock to this rural cropping region to enjoy a wild burnout competition and mud race event. Our team was there to capture the highlights for 4wd TV but we stayed on for a tour of the area. Next up our NSW correspondent John McCredie join Nick Mannell and his team from ARB Penrith in Sydney for a tough customer day trip. A great diversity of vehicles hit the tracks to enjoy what the mountains just out of Sydney have to offer plus to learn from one of Australia’s most experienced 4wdrivers. This weeks Ask an expert looks at how Snorkel pre-cleaners limit airflow and we have the usual email and photo comps plus a list of other great giveaways.
S04E07 Oahu 00/00/0000 Back in Hawaii for this episode we rejoin Simon and Miranda as they are special guest of local identity Douglas O’Sullivan (Dougie). Along with a small group of close wheeling companions, Dougie treats us to an inside view of his backyard - the east coast jungles of Oahu. From quiet jungle floor streams to open mountain vistas with jeep swallowing washouts, this trip takes us from the valley floor up to incredible ocean views above the native vegetation. A memorable trip for Miranda and Simon you will appreciate not only the 4wd opportunities and tracks but also the local attitude of caring for the land and protecting their rights to wheel. The ask an expert segment looks at tyre pressures on camper trailers and we again feature all of our normal weekly competitions and giveaways ... so don’t forget to get your entries in.
S04E08 Palm Valley / Skipworth / Otways 00/00/0000 Well this episode has something for everyone. Up first we join John McCredie and family for a quick look at the stunning Palm Valley in NT. This amazing oasis is a must see for any northern wanderer. For story two we travel east of Melbourne and into the Victorian High Country to meet up with members of 4x4Earth for their Skipworth gathering. A year in the planning and attended by over 100 participants, this forum meet up found the happy participants taking in 7 days of well planned trips and activities. Watch out for the deep river crossings on this one. Our final story sees Danny joining the Geelong 4wd Club Family Swag Trip with his daughter Shai. This trip for Dad’s and their children also gave us the chance to road test one of the Darche swags. So with something for everyone and plenty for the family, don’t miss this episode.
S04E09 Mulwala - Part 1 00/00/0000 This week the team and their sponsors meet up centrally near Mulwala on the border of Victoria and New South Wales for a relaxing weekend of lakeside camping, riverside trails and exploring the local area. Guided by Gordon Bennett, we experience the true Murray River in flood and get a few vehicles bogged along the way. What we didn't expect was to get hit by a tropical thunderstorm and be swamped by 58mm of overnight rain. Tune in to see how a poorly prepared Jeep, torrential rain and closed tracks all did little to dampen what was a great trip.
S04E10 Mulwala - Part 2 00/00/0000 Following on from last week's cruisey river trails, bogs and water crossings, this week we continue exploring the Mulwala region but head away from the mighty Murray River in search of the areas only hill ... Mt Quin. Following a night of heavy rains, lightning and gusty winds, the skies eventually clear for a half day trip through private property and into a lightly forested play area. A disused quarry is our first real taste of serious 4wdriving and some further probing gets our Prado stuck halfway up an embankment. It's a great second day at Mulwalla and a fitting end to this trip and the series.
S12E01 Kimberley Adventure - Kununurra 16/02/2015 We kick off this season with the biggest adventure YOUR4X4 has ever undertaken, a three-week cross-country trek across the Kimberley region, one of the most beautiful and imposing parts of Australia. We start this episode with a tease of all the grand imagery to come, before joining up with the Kununurra 4wd Club as we explore the hills around the local township. We then flash-forward to our first official day of the trip, seeing some of the provincial sights, dropping into the local Hoochery for a tour and taste-test, exploring the gorgeous Mirima National Park by foot, and capping it all off with a sunset BBQ cruise along the picturesque Ord river.
S12E02 Kimberley Adventure - Cockburn Ranges 23/02/2015 In this episode we say goodbye to Kununurra, and hit the Gibb River Road. Driving parallel to the awe-inspiring Cockburn Ranges, we stop in at the natural wonder that is Zebedee Springs as well as the hospitable El Questro Wilderness Park for a quick break. Venturing forth we cross the Pentecost River, the most photographed section of the area, and one of the most memorable images of the trip. We finish off with a final run to Home Valley Station, a beautiful private property that caters to all kinds of travellers.
S12E03 Kimberley Adventure - Kalumburu Road 02/03/2015 We start this episode in the skies, touring around the Home Valley Station from the comfort of the Station's own helicopter. After landing safely we take off down the Kalumburu Road for Drysdale River Station, driving past many tyre carcasses and even abandoned vehicles along the way, solemn reminders of the importance of preparation. We end our day at Drysdale River Station, where a quick dip in the Miners Pool was readily welcomed.
S12E04 Kimberley Adventure - Mitchell Plateau 09/03/2015 Leaving Drysdale River Station we head off the graded track onto a beaten one, where unforgiving corrugations threaten to shake the convoy to pieces. Our skilled drivers quickly find the appropriate speeds to skip over anything damaging, and we make our way towards Mitchell Falls. Stopping at the King Edward River for a quick dip at lunch time, we collect firewood, pay our passes at the check-in point and arrive, dusty but happy at the campground. Taking respite in the fact that tomorrow isn't a driving day, we retire once again to a swimming hole, celebrating the beauty of our surroundings.
S12E05 Kimberley Adventure - Mitchell Falls 16/03/2015 Another episode that begins in the air, our crew takes advantage of the helicopter services at Mitchell Falls and has a chance to view these spectacular waterfalls in their proper scope, with The Kimberleys laid out before them. As soon as everyone debarked safely it was time to explore the falls themselves, wandering freely with no restrictions on where to go, and no barriers to stop you. Several swims in crystal clear water were in order as we leisurely made our way back to camp over the day, stopping in at Little Merten falls and checking out some ancient aboriginal art as we went.
S12E06 Kimberley Adventure - Manning Gorge 23/03/2015 With heavy hearts we say goodbye to Mitchell Falls, driving back through corrugation country, taking a brief stop to take in aboriginal art thoughtfully preserved by the community. Further along we stop at a local tip spot to dispose of our rubbish responsibly. Driving carefully but quickly we arrive at Drysdale River Station to chow down on the renowned XXL burgers. Heading towards the township of Derby we refuel (both cars and bodies) at Mt Barnett Station. A quick jaunt later we come to Manning Gorge where we camp for the night, looking forward to traversing the gorge the next morning.
S12E07 Kimberley Adventure - Charnley River Station 30/03/2015 The day kicks off with a brief sojourn across a river. While some elected to swim across, others took a leisurely dinghy, hoisted by ropes from end to end. After an hour of walking we were rewarded with the stunning sight of Manning Gorge. No invitation needed, everyone dived into the pure water, played on the rocks and basked in the sunshine that perpetually shines in the dry season. A long scenic drive through farming territory ends at Charnley River Station, a private property which is affiliated with the Australian Wildlife Conservancy and the Mornington Wilderness Sanctuary. A quick dip in the Donkey Pool refreshed us all as we watched the sunset over the valley.
S12E08 Kimberley Adventure - Silent Grove 06/04/2015 This episode kicks off with the exploration of Grevillea Gorge, a canyon of three distinct levels mostly empty of water this time of year. Our crew climb and clamber down until finding a hidden oasis. Soon it's time to hit the road however, and we head through cattle property to our final destination for the day, Silent Grove. Stopping off at the Imintji Store for stock-ups (and a quick bush repair), we barrel through the dust and sunset to our camp ground, where we set up for two nights stay. An uneventful evening is broken by a friendly visit from an Olive Python.
S12E09 Kimberley Adventure - Bell Gorge 13/04/2015 After Danny revs everyone up with his famous mobile coffee set-up, we drive towards the resplendent Bell Gorge. Arguably the most beautiful and certainly the most grand gorge in the Kimberley's, Bell Gorge provides a myriad of pools, watering holes, oases and every other kind of swimming hole imaginable. Our convoy swim, climb, bask and explore the gorge, spending the whole day uncovering this untouched piece of Australia.
S12E10 Kimberley Adventure - Derby 20/04/2015 We bid farewell to Silent Grove, and head towards our first stop of civilization since leaving Kununurra, the township of Derby. An easy ride on the blacktop, we stop in at some local sights, such as the Prisoner Boab Tree, Frosty's Pool and the Derby Wharf. We take a look back at the previous ten days of exploration and look forward to the coming adventures, as well as a quick behind the scenes glimpse of what goes into making the show.

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