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Yu-Gi-Oh! GX se déroule 10 ans après les évènements de la série originale Yu-Gi-Oh!. L'histoire suit Jaden Yuki (Jüdai Yuki dans la version japonaise) à la Duel Academy, une école fondée par Seto Kaiba pour enseigner aux jeunes duellistes ​​le jeu Duel Monsters. En utilisant son deck Elemental Hero et la carte Kuriboh Ailé reçue par Yûgi Muto, Jaden va se faire divers nouveaux amis et rivaux et relever de nombreux défis dans sa quête pour devenir le prochain King of Games.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yu-Gi-Oh! GX

S01E01 Le nouveau maître du jeu 06/10/2004 When Jaden arrives late to his entrance exam for Duel Academy he has to go above and beyond expectations to prove that he deserves to make the cut!
S01E02 Bienvenue à la Duel Académie 13/10/2004 The incoming class is welcomed to Duel Academy, but Jaden finds a less than warm reception from freshman hot shot Chazz when he's challenged to a high-stakes duel!
S01E03 La vengeance du docteur Crowler 20/10/2004 When Syrus stumbles into the girls' dorm he puts himself and Jaden in danger of being expelled forcing Jaden to win a duel to win their freedom.
S01E04 Duel au sommet 27/10/2004 It's Duel Monsters Spirit Day at the Academy but when someone who looks remarkably like the Dark Magician Girl shows up for the annual Costume Duel Syrus goes gaga.
S01E05 Le duelliste de l'ombre (1) 03/11/2004 When Jaden and the crew wander into an abandoned dorm they encounter a mysterious duelist who claims he's taken Alexis to the Shadow Realm, and unless Jaden duels him, he's going to keep her there.
S01E06 Le duelliste de l'ombre (2) 10/11/2004 Jaden continues his duel with the mysterious Shadow Duelist, fighting now not just for Alexis' soul, but for his own, as well!
S01E07 Une drôle de punition 17/11/2004 Having been caught for trespassing into the abandoned dorm Jaden and Syrus are sentenced to a tag team duel where if they lose, they get expelled, so to prepare for the big match they decide to duel each other!
S01E08 Un duel pour Syrus 24/11/2004 To help Syrus overcome some serious confidence issues he has, Jaden looks to duel Zane, Syrus' older brother and the best duelist at Duel Academy!
S01E09 Duel père, duel fils 01/12/2004 When Chumley's father comes to remove him from Duel Academy, Jaden and Syrus stand by their friend and root him on when he tries to out-duel his father in order to stay.
S01E10 L'épreuve du duel en équipe (1) 08/12/2004 he tag-match to determine Jaden and Syrus' fate at Duel Academy begins, but not just against any tag-team, against the legendary Paradox Brothers!
S01E11 L'épreuve du duel en équipe (2) 15/12/2004 In the expulsion match against the Paradox Brothers, Syrus must overcome his issues with older brother Zane in order win the match.
S01E12 La formule du succès 22/12/2004 Dr. Crowler taps dueling whiz kid Bastion Misawa to be his new protege, but first he must beat Obelisk Blue's Chazz Princeton to prove he's got what it takes.
S01E13 Ce n'est pas aux vieux singes qu'on apprend à faire un duel 29/12/2004 When Chazz suddenly goes missing, Jaden and the crew go looking for him, but instead of finding Chazz, they find a dueling monkey who takes one of Alexis' friend hostage!
S01E14 Deux grands esprits se rencontrent 05/01/2005 After some students accidentally summon a Duel Monster for real, it's up to Jaden to duel him and win their souls back.
S01E15 Par amour d'Alexia 12/01/2005 Jaden finds himself in an outrageously competitive duel against a sports nut who's bent winning Alexis' heart and making Jaden look bad.
S01E16 Le duelliste géant 19/01/2005 After a menacing Duel Giant is seen around campus, Dr. Crowler convinces Jaden to track him down, but when Jaden catches up with the titan, he must beat him in a duel or become his next victim!
S01E17 Une mauvaise pioche 26/01/2005 When someone is stealing from the Card Shack, Jaden and the crew go on a stakeout to catch the culprit, but when the thief turns out to be a former student who's been living in the jungle, a truly wild duel ensues.
S01E18 Duel contre le maître des copieurs (1) 02/02/2005 A copycat duelist steals Yugi Muto's deck and mannerisms and Jaden must duel him to win it back.
S01E19 Duel contre le maître des copieurs (2) 09/02/2005 Jaden continues his duel against the copycat duelist, trying his best to defeat the legendary and powerful deck that was one used by the King of Games.
S01E20 La jeune fille amoureuse 16/02/2005 When a love struck girl sneaks into the boys dorm, Jaden challenges her to a duel to find out exactly why she's there and what she wants.
S01E21 Un duel de prestige (1) 23/02/2005 To decide who will be Duel Academy'?s representative at the high stakes School Duel with North Academy, Jaden and Bastion must battle it out.
S01E22 Un duel de prestige (2) 02/03/2005 Jaden and Bastion continue their duel to see who will win the honor of representing Duel Academy at the School Duel, but in the end, it's Jaden who triumphs.
S01E23 Le petit Belowski 09/03/2005 Not being able to stomach the thought of Jaden representing Duel Academy at the School Duel, Doctor Crowler arranges a duel where if Jaden loses he'll end up in a lazy daze forever!
S01E24 Le Chad nouveau est arrivé 16/03/2005 When Chazz ends up shipwrecked at sea he suddenly finds himself at the doors of North Academy and in a fifty man duel gauntlet to prove his worth!
S01E25 Duel inter académie (1) 23/03/2005 It's Jaden versus Chazz at the School Duel and with Chazz's brothers in attendance and ordering Chazz to win or else, the stakes have never been higher.
S01E26 Duel inter académie (2) 30/03/2005 Jaden and Chazz duel it out to the very end when finally Jaden emerges as the victor. But by dueling with pride, Chazz wins independence from his brother and permission to enroll back at Duel Academy.
S01E27 Le duel du tombeau (1) 06/04/2005 When Jaden and the gang get trapped in an ancient world it's up to Jaden to win a duel or be buried alive with the rest of his friends!
S01E28 Le duel du tombeau (2) 13/04/2005 Jaden continues to battle in the duel of his life, finally winning his and his friend's freedom and just barely making it back to his world.
S01E29 Un duel infernal (1) 20/04/2005 When the Shadow Riders descend upon Duel Academy to unleash the three Sacred Beast Cards Jaden's up first to defend the school.
S01E30 Un duel infernal (2) 27/04/2005 Jaden continues his duel against the Shadow Rider known as Nightshroud but when he finally wins Nightshroud is exposed for who he really is--Alexis' long lost brother!
S01E31 Les hurlements des ténèbres (1) 04/05/2005 A vampiress named Camula is the second Shadow Rider to arrive at Duel Academy but she's not there to suck blood, she's there to suck up souls!
S01E32 Les hurlements des ténèbres (2) 11/05/2005
S01E33 Les hurlements des ténèbres (3) 18/05/2005 Finally, Jaden steps up to confront Camula.
S01E34 Le cauchemar 25/05/2005 Jaden and the gang get sucked into a strange vortex where a duelist who bears a striking resemblance to Kaiba forces Jaden to face his worst fears or be overcome by them!
S01E35 Rivalité entre frères 01/06/2005 Chazz's brothers have come back to Duel Academy for revenge, forcing Chazz to face them in a duel where, if he loses, the deed to Duel Academy will be passed to them!
S01E36 Distractions en duel (1) 08/06/2005 The third Shadow Rider arrives and uses all her feminine wiles and charms to distract Bastion and win the duel.
S01E37 Distractions en duel (2) 13/06/2005 Jaden must duel Tania to snap Bastion out of a lovestruck stupor and keep the Shadow Riders from winning another Spirit Key!
S01E38 Tout le monde à bord 22/06/2005 A pirate challenges Jaden to a duel where, if he loses, he'll be forced to become the first mate of a new Duel Academy at the bottom of the ocean!
S01E39 Les scorpions noirs 29/06/2005 In a desperate bid for the remaining Spirit Keys, a unit of the Shadow Riders called the Dark Scorpions steal them all but end up having to face Chazz in a duel to unlock their magical powers.
S01E40 La légende du Pharaon 06/07/2005 The fifth Shadow Rider is unleashed upon Duel Academy and with an undefeated dueling record and a legendary reputation, he's the most powerful one yet--or is he?
S01E41 Une raison de gagner 13/07/2005 Titan, the Shadow Duelist persuades Alexis to duel him to by promising to return her brother's memory is she wins--but if she loses, she'll be the one in need of rescue gaga.
S01E42 Jour de fête 20/07/2005 It's Duel Monsters Spirit Day at the Academy but when someone who looks remarkably like the Dark Magician Girl shows up for the annual Costume Duel Syrus goes gaga.
S01E43 Le cœur est sauvage 27/07/2005 A mysterious Gambler shows up at Duel Academy and he's bent on dueling Alexis to prove his skills and his--love?
S01E44 Le septième cavalier de l'ombre 03/08/2005 When Jaden and the gang go searching for Professor Banner, they find the seventh Shadow Rider instead, and he's even more dangerous than they ever feared.
S01E45 Le jeu final d'Amnael (1) 10/08/2005 When Jaden and the gang go searching for Professor Banner, they find the seventh Shadow Rider instead, and he's even more dangerous than they ever feared.
S01E46 Le jeu final d'Amnael (2) 17/08/2005 Upon learning that the seventh Shadow Rider is really Professor Banner, Jaden must rise to a whole new level of dueling expertise to win the high stakes match.
S01E47 Chad Anova 24/08/2005 Chazz arranges a duel with Alexis that he can prove his love to her, but Alexis has other ideas.
S01E48 Le réveil des Bêtes Sacrées (1) 31/08/2005 Kagemaru, the leader of the Shadow Riders, descends on Duel Academy and demands a duel with Jaden so that he can raise the Sacred Beasts and win the power to rule the world!
S01E49 Le réveil des Bêtes Sacrées (2) 07/09/2005 Kagemaru and Jaden duel each other with all their might as the fate of the world and Duel Monsters spirits everywhere hang in the balance!
S01E50 Un duel décisif 14/09/2005 When Chumley is accepted into Industrial Illusions card design program, he must beat Dr. Crowler in a duel to win his consent!
S01E51 Le duel des diplômés (1) 21/09/2005 Zane picks Jaden as his opponent at the prestigious Graduation Match, giving Jaden the chance to avenge his earlier loss.
S01E52 Le duel des diplômés (2) 28/09/2005 Zane and Jaden battle it out in the last duel of the school year, settling once and for all who truly is the Academy's best duelist.
S02E01 Retour à la Duel Académie 05/10/2005 Jaden is promoted to the second year. A gentle new student approaches into a duel with Jaden. The deck of the new student isn't powerful because it is created suddenly without preparation by the immediate purchase of 8 packs-40 cards-at a stand. By Large Angel Zaret, Jaden's life points are lowered to 1200. Syrus and the others have realized that the new student is actually a prominent duelist, Aster Phoenix.
S02E02 Le duel d'ouverture 12/10/2005 Chancellor Crowler approaches Chazz nad tells him that Chazz can enter back into Obelisk Blue if he can defeat a new student called Reginald van Howell, or Reggie. Chazz accepts these conditions and the next day he and Reggie duel. Once, he was on the top class, but now he is in the Red dorm. Reggie can break through Chazz playing Ojama monsters. Although Chazz can do the first attack well by XYZ combo, it is striked by Gilford the Lightning and other monsters in soldier family deck. However, he isn't perturbed, looking through the competition during the past year. Then he uses Mega Ojama King.
S02E03 Bataille rangée 19/10/2005 Tyranno Hassleberry, the top first grade of yellow challenges Jaden for a duel. Tyranno was the original school gang leader, beating Jaden to prove the fact that the academy has charisma. He loves Dinosaurs, so he uses Dinosaur deck. By the field magic Jurassic World, Dinosaur and Beast families can be powered up, and even the trap is repulsed. Furthermore, by Ultra Evolution Pill Jyooshin Kayaku, Jaden is threatened by the evolution of Archaeopteryx to Black Tyranno with 2900 attack points.
S02E04 Un gage de courage 26/10/2005 The news about the promotion to yellow dorm has come to Syrus. Crowler has prepared the condition that he has to duel and defeat the girl called Missy of Blue dorm. Thus, Syrus becomes so frightened that Jaden and his friends have to encourage him. Syrus is playing Bigroid deck while Missy is fighting by an insect deck. Missy multiplies the number of ants on Syrus's field in oder to increase the attack points of Insect Princess up to 2900. On the other side, Sho is fighting without Power Bond, fusing three Bigroid to summon Drillroid
S02E05 Le démon 02/11/2005 Jaden and Bastion are still Duel Academy students, so they have to practice a lot. Bastion uses his WaterDragon again, but Water Dragon can not defeat Jaden's ShiningFlareWingman. Before dueling against Zane, Aster talks to his manager about the future and his victory. Jaden is extremely surprised, when he sees Avian's appearance on Aster's field. During next turn, Aster fuses Avian with Burstnatrix, but instead of FlameWingman, Aster creates PhoenixEnforcer which impresses Jaden and Syrus. But the best thing in PhoenixGuy is that he can not be destroyed in battle. And thanks to that special ability, Aster defeats Zane, by fusing PhoenixEnforcer with Sparkman to summon ShiningPhoenixEnforcer and using DestructionOfDestiny to send 4 more ElementalHeroes to the graveyard and raise ShiningPhoenixGuy's attack to 4900.
S02E06 Une nouvelle race de héros (1) 09/11/2005 Which side is using the true Hero? The conclusion is needed. Thus, the duel between Jaden and Aster has finally started. Jaden initiates the attack by Flame Wingman. Suddenly, Aster summons Phoenix Enforcer by the same fusion. Both of them are hitting each other at the same time. Also, the fight becomes the high-class Elemental Hero fusion battle between Shining Flare Wingman and Shining Phoenix Enforcer. Anyway, Aster hasn't approved Jaden having the talent as a Hero.
S02E07 Une nouvelle race de héros (2) 16/11/2005 The duel between Jaden and Aster is continued. Using the field magic card The clock Tower of the Secluded Prison, the passage time of destiny is cut off strangely. Furthermore, D-Hero Destiny Hero? series monsters are summoned one after another. This leads Destiny. compared to the Elemental Hero monsters, to control the time freely. Many monsters of Jaden are destroyed while his several turns are thrown away. When he is going to revive, he suffers from the damage of the enemy's combo. Finally, The D-Hero confined in the Clock Tower appears.
S02E08 Un duel Rock and Roll 23/11/2005 After Jaden is defeated by Aster, his cards become invisible in white paper. On the other side, because of Dr. Crowler, Atticus approaches into a duel against his younger sister, Alexis. Atticus invites Alexis to join him in the sibling debut in the entertainment world. Atticus activates the field magic Ultimate Stage Clothes that can increase the attack points of a monster by 3000. However, the cloths are too large. That makes the movement become awkward. Thus, when he strikes, the attack of his monster isn't as powerful as it has the original attack points. Alexis is opposing him by the ritual monster, Cyber Angel series.
S02E09 La lumière 30/11/2005 A mysterious guy, Sartorious, appears in front of Chazz and duels with him. Sartorious places his cards on the table face down, shuffles Chazz's deck, and says that the destiny of Chazz will be forseen through a card pulled out. That's how he duels like a Tarot. The Hangman's effect is shown according to its normal or reversed position. This becomes the confrontation between Saiou who can absolutely make the destiny and Chazz who opens his own destiny personally.
S02E10 Entre rêve et réalité 07/12/2005 A disappointed Jaden wanders around outer space. It's weird, but with a friendly dolphin-shaped space alien's guidance, Jaden is reunited with an illustrated card he drew in his childhood, which Kaiba Corp. launched into space. But, that card became perfect by evolving through the power of space's intention. Jaden duels a hostile alien life form. At the end of the universe, the energy form obtains the power of Neo Space, and Jaden starts to understand a new deck concept that gives his monsters a power up.
S02E11 Un duel corsé 14/12/2005 The Ra Yellow Head, Professor Sartyr, tries to bring Sargent Hassleberry, who usually enters Slifer Red dorm, back to Ra Yellow dorm by using curry. Thus, the duel between Hassleberry and Sartyr begins. Will Hassleberry's platoon of dinosaurs win this war? Or will Sartyr have the sweet taste of victory with his curry-themed deck?
S02E12 L'épreuve de camaraderie 21/12/2005 While Jaden is still away, Syrus and Tyranno have a quarrel over who should get the tile of Jaden's sworn brother. Thus the duel begins.
S02E13 Le retour de Zen 28/12/2005 After Zane is defeated by Aster in Pro League, his glory seems to be gone. He is then invited by an untrustworthy sponsor to join the underground duel. It is the duel to show the elements with desparate effort in front of savage audiences. Then the duel between Zane and Inukai begins.
S02E14 Une faim sans fin 04/01/2006 In this recap episode Jaden, who is getting lost in the forest, becomes hungry and fades, reminding himself of his duels in the past.
S02E15 Retour au bercail (1) 11/01/2006 Jaden has finally returned after leaving for a long time. He battles against Aster, betting by the abolition of Slifer Red dorm.
S02E16 Retour au bercail (2) 18/01/2006 The duel between Jaden and Aster is continued.
S02E17 Duel pour la démolition 25/01/2006 Vice Principle Bonaparte has an argument against Temp. Principle Crowler about the abolishment of Slifer Red. Thus, the teachers duel begins.
S02E18 Blanc Obelisk ? 01/02/2006 Chazz beats one Obelisk Blue Student one after another, and preforms the unknown action of dying the entire Blue Dorm White. It is said that it is the "Association with the Light" which Sartorious commands that should be what a school dedicates themselves to. He Duels Alexis.
S02E19 Duel à l'italienne 08/02/2006 The Society of Light sends Chazz and Alexis to call Lorenzo to duel Jaden. Alexis tells Jaden that he should meet her in a duel dome/museum. Everyone thinks it is a date, but instead of a date, the member of the Society of Light, Lorenzo challenges Jaden to a duel.
S02E20 X 15/02/2006 The top rank pro duelist X is sent by the white association, approaching into the duel against Jaden.
S02E21 Le destin du dinosaure 22/02/2006 In oder to verify Nabukabu Power, Sartorious predicts by his Tarot, comes to Duel Academy, and approaches into the duel against Tyranno Hassleberry.
S02E22 Un prince pas très charmant 01/03/2006 In order to decide the destination of the study trip, Jaden approaches into the duel against Sartorious' representative Rose.
S02E23 Pris dans la tempête (1) 08/03/2006 Duel Academy has the school trip to Domino City. It's the sanctuary duel place of Yugi Muto, Seto Kaiba, and others. Jaden and his friends visit Yugi's house and meet Grandpa. While walking into the town, Grandpa is kidnapped. Two assassins of The Society of Light, Thunder and Frost, chase after them and approach them into a tag duel.
S02E24 Pris dans la tempête (2) 15/03/2006 The tag duel between Syrus/Tyranno and Thunder/Frost is continued.
S02E25 Duel de rue 22/03/2006 Seeing Sartorious's sister Saleena, T-Bone becomes frantic to beat Jaden. Without knowing Jaden's face before, he joins a camp Slifer Red. Jaden and T-Bone don't know each other, but they finally become good friends. When they are going to duel, they realized their actual hatred against each other.
S02E26 Miroir, miroir (1) 29/03/2006 Serena, Sartorious' sister, guides Jaden, Aster, Grandpa, and Bastion to Kaiba Land. Aster and Jaden go inside the Virtual World to see Syrus and Tyranno as a Vehicroid and a dinosaur. Then Serena tells them that the only way that they can get out and save Syrus and Hasslebery is if they defeat her in a duel. The duel is also being held to see who is the chosen one to stand by Sartorious' side.
S02E27 Miroir, miroir (2) 05/04/2006 The unusual tag duel between Jaden and Aster VS Sarina is continued.
S02E28 Une bien jolie poupée 12/04/2006 Dorothy is struggling to clean up Duel Academy before the rest of the school comes back and she notices that a doll has gone missing. The doll appears in a human form as a girl named Alice. Hassleberry falls in love with Alice and she carries him off to the forest. Jaden goes to the forest at night to investigate and then Alice challenges Jaden to a duel.
S02E29 Pour les beaux yeux d'Alexia 19/04/2006 Bob, the quiz king who becomes attracted to Alexis, comes across Jaden having a quarrel against Alexis is forced into a duel with Jaden.
S02E30 Une Personnalité Magnétique 26/04/2006 When all of the Ra Yellow students are entering the Society of Light, Bastion is upset that he isn't already part of the group. He says that since the Society of Light is for the best he should already be a member. Bastion is so upset about the fact that he isn't a member that he goes to the White Dorm to challenge Sartorious. Instead of Bastion dueling Sartorious, Chazz is told to take his place and duel Bastion.
S02E31 Duel sur le toit du monde 03/05/2006 Zane, who is seeking for the sealed powerful deck, visits the former Chancellor Sheppard, and old master of Cyber Style Duel. Then, the student-teacher duel between Zane and Sheppard begins.
S02E32 La puissance du ciel 10/05/2006 Chancellor Shepphard declares the opening of the GX Tournament. It's an important tournament that world Pro duelists and the students will participate in on Duel Academy Island. Sartorious then approaches to duel against a European champion, Prince Ojin.
S02E33 Qui a vu, voit Râ 17/05/2006 Francis has appeared in front of Jaden. Pegasus and Chumley come from I2 Corporation urgently because the guy is an employee of I2 and a dangerous guy who uses a copy card of the greatest card "Winged Dragon of Ra".
S02E34 Duel artistique 24/05/2006 Jaden is bored, having no opponent for this day of the Genex Tournament. Suddenly, a pro duelist, Orlando, appears in front of Jaden and challenges him to a duel.
S02E35 Aveuglé par la lumière (1) 31/05/2006 Chazz confronts a pro duelist. He, who has become a member of Association of Light, applies "White Knights Swordsman" and obtains the victory with by such preponderant strength. Chazz confronts against Jaden, who was watching the duel, and demands the duel with him. Jaden is aware of the fact that there is no "Ojama Trio" in Chazz's deck. Thus, he decides to search from Chazz's important card- "Ojama Trio", and thinks of using it by himself to bring back Chazz.
S02E36 Aveuglé par la lumière (2) 07/06/2006 Chazz continues his assault on Jaden using his "White Knight's Lord".
S02E37 Les ténèbres intérieures 14/06/2006 Zane returns to Duel Academy for the Genex Tournament and is asked for a duel by his old friend Atticus. Trying to use the shadows to save Zane, Atticus loses control over the shadows and Nightshroud returns for the duel.
S02E38 Duels de pro 21/06/2006 Crowler and Vice-Principal Bonaparte are concerned about the reputation of the Academy due to lots students being beaten by pro duelists, so they decide to unleash their secret weapons to hopefully earn back the Academy's reputation.
S02E39 Un pacte dangereux 28/06/2006 The rumor about a duelist who participates in Genex and beats an opponent by one turn kill is spread out. The true identity of that person who makes a deal with The Grim Reaper's card is Lucien Grimly obtaining draw power. Jaden has to duel against Lucien whose soul has already been sold to The Grim Reaper.
S02E40 L'entretien d'embauche 05/07/2006 While Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte get yelled at by Chancellor Sheppard, they take it the wrong way and believe that they got fired. This happens just as Pegasus, the president of the I2 Corporation shows up for a meeting with Chancellor Sheppard. Dr. Crowler and Vice Principal Bonaparte beg Pegasus to hire them and a duel is suggested to determine whether or not they will get the job.
S02E41 Duel de glace (1) 12/07/2006 Sartorious has two personalities against each other. One wants to conquer the world and make everybody "see the light". The other is the good side and is trying to stop the other side from achieving his goals. The good personality hands an important key to both Jaden and Aster but the evil side wants it back, so he sends Alexis to duel Jaden. Alexis' deck has become powerful with the influence of the light. Will Jaden be able to save Alexis?
S02E42 Duel de glace (2) 19/07/2006 Alexis' Deck, which was powered up by Sartorious, gradually drives Jaden into a corner. Jaden is fighting to return Alexis to her original self. However, Alexis, who isn't listening to Jaden, finally summons her strongest monster: White Knight Dragon. Jaden is pushed into a difficult situation, until he draws the card Chazz and Atticus entrusted him to return Alexis to her former self.
S02E43 Duel fratricide 26/07/2006 Syrus challenges his brother to a duel, hopefully to bring him back to normal. Zane accepts the challenge and the duel between the brothers begins. Syrus remembers what his brother had taught him about respecting the opponent. However, Zane forgets all he once knew,and taught to his brother, and attacks Syrus using his unique Cyber Tail Deck.
S02E44 Tout est relatif 02/08/2006 Sartorious, who has to recapture an important key, sends Dr. Eisenstein to confront Jaden. He is a genius medical doctor who creates a deck to counter Jaden's perfectly. The duel begins with the doctor activating Relativity Field and summoning a monster that can negate Jaden's skillful fusions, enabling him to quickly gain the advantage in the duel.
S02E45 La lumière du mal 09/08/2006 The real purpose of the GX tournament is revealed: Chancellor Sheppard and Pegasus searching for the person who posseses the Ultimate Destiny Hero card. As it turns out, Aster is also searching for this card. Meanwhile, Aster's legal gaurdian "The D" is about to avenge his title as world champion. However, "The D" has a secret important to Aster.
S02E46 Le duel de la destinée 16/08/2006 Aster learns that D is the one who stole the Ultimate Destiny Card from his father. He challenges D to a duel attached by a key entrusted from Sartorious. Aster begins the match with his D-Hero's, but the world champion proves a tough opponent even for Aster. D then activates the Ultimate D Card, pushing Aster into a tough spot. will Aster be able to beat D and finally find out what happened to his dad?
S02E47 Duel pour une clef 23/08/2006 Jaden learns of the secret key from Linda, Prince Ojin's secretary. The key can activate the Laser Satellite. In order to retrieve it from Jaden, Sartorious orders Prince Ojin to duel Jaden. The prince is able to attack Jaden using three seperate Satellite Cannons. Jaden is able to call forth the Flame Wingman but is pushed into a tight situation.
S02E48 Une promesse de longue date (1) 30/08/2006 Aster faces Sartorious to verify the words of his father that the Wave of Light clings to and enslaves Sartorious. Aster goes to the Society of Light's Private Duel Field, and demands answers from Sartorious. Sartorious, who took in the Wave of Light to the point it created another personality, has demanded Aster to return the key of the Laser Satellite to him. Aster's mind is made up, and begins his duel with Sartorious. Sartorious, who believes he's completely seen what Destiny has to offer, brings out the cards of the "Arcana".
S02E49 Une promesse de longue date (2) 06/09/2006 Aster's Duel with Sartorious continues. Sartorious makes the 21st Arcana Force "The World" explode. Aster receives huge sums of damage, but believes inside Sartorious, despite being controlled by the Wave of Light, the "Real /True Sartorious" still exists. Against Sartorious's unwavering assault, Aster begins to give up. But something happens to allow Aster to begin his counter offensive strike. However, Aster succeeds at making "The Good Hearted Sartorious" appear finally.
S02E50 Les Mains de la Justice (1) 13/09/2006 Sartorious, controlled by the Wave of Light, has defeated Aster in their fight. Sartorious then demands Jaden's key to the Laser Satellite in exchange for Aster. Jaden's put in a pretty difficult situation. There is where Neos shows up to interject just as the key is about to go to Sartorious. Furious, Sartorious duels Jaden to put an end to things. Just like in his battle with Aster, Sartorious reads the future and becomes the dominant power in the duel. Despite this, Jaden summons his monsters through his specialty - Fusion.
S02E51 Les Mains de la Justice (2) 20/09/2006 Sartorius, controlled by the Wave of Light, activates the Field Spell Card [Light Boundary]. This Boundary has an adverse effect on the Card Spirits and Jaden's monsters are drove in it. Then, Sartorius summons Arcana Force [The World] and sticks it on Jaden. Meanwhile, Prince Orgene, controlled by the evil Sartorius, obtains two keys for the Laser Satellite and makes it mobile. Kenzan's already too late in his attempts to stop it, as the Laser Satellite has set it sights on Earth and fired just as planned....
S02E52 Imprévisible destin 27/09/2006 Jaden summons Glow Neos and destroys the Light Boundary. With the tables turned in his favor, Jaden launches a direct attack on the evil Sartorious. In a jam, the controlled evil Sartorious sacrifices [The Material Lord], [The Spiritual Lord], and [The Heaven's Lord] to summon [Arcana Force Extra The Light Ruler], his ultimate card, to deliver a crushing blow. But Jaden Contact Fusions Ground Mole with Neos to summon "Ground Neos" to regain the counter offensive...
S03E01 Souvenirs, souvenirs 04/10/2006 Jaden reflects on what happened to him last year and how his life changed because of that experience (Flashback/Recap episode).
S03E02 Un nouveau professeur (1) 11/10/2006 Four Transfer students, and Professor Thelonius Viper, arrive at Duel Academy. Jaden befriends a new student who can also see Duel Spirits. Then when the new students are revealed, one of them, Jesse Anderson, is missing. Then Jaden's new friend shows up last, claiming he got lost on the way to the ceremony, and reveals he is Jesse, who is in possession of a rare deck of "Crystal Beasts". Professor Viper makes Jaden and Jesse duel in an exhibition match.
S03E03 Un nouveau professeur (2) 18/10/2006 Jaden and Jesse duel, Jesse using his crystal beast monsters and Jaden using Neospacians. There he learns about the Rainbow Dragon. However, after fooling everyone into believing he has it, Jesse admits Pegasus is still searching for the tablet that can be used to make it. After the match the two head up to the rooftop where they discuss their decks, whilst Chazz, Aster, Syrus and Hassleberry agree the two are like twins.
S03E04 Mais qui est au bout du fil ? (1) 01/11/2006 Under the orders of Viper, Axel Brodie kidnaps Syrus in order to challenge Jaden. Back at the dorm Jesse is bugging a frustrated Hassleberry into seeing his deck when Jaden falls right into Axel's trap and runs off to rescue Syrus. If he loses, Syrus will fall off of the cliff.
S03E05 Mais qui est au bout du fil ? (2) 08/11/2006 Jaden continues to duel Axel while Jesse, with assistance from Hassleberry, tries to rescue Syrus. During the duel, Axel begins to rethink his loyalty to Viper. Axel decides to play fair and releases Syrus so he can focus on the match. In the end, Jaden wins, but at a heavy price. He ends up going unconscious and Axel is out of energy but can still stand and is going to figure out what Viper is up to.
S03E06 Instinct primitif 15/11/2006 With their new friend Jim Cook by their side, Jaden and the gang investigate a strange wave signal. Hassleberry goes dino because of the dinosaur blood he has and he duels Jim. But in the end, they both end up out of energy and in the hospital.
S03E07 La Tête dans les Nuages (1) 22/11/2006 Chazz is jealous of Adrian and he decides to challenge him. In order to not get expelled and so he doesn't lose energy, Adrian organizes a party for dueling so that he will be safe to duel. Chazz duels against Adrian Gecko, the heir to the Gecko financial group. He takes them up in a helicopter to duel in the sky.
S03E08 La Tête dans les Nuages (2) 29/11/2006 Adrian's Cloudian Monsters prove to be too much for Chazz to handle. He loses the match and they both pass out, and so does most of Duel Academy. Meanwhile, Axel tries to find out what Viper is up to.
S03E09 Duel Prof-Élève (1) 06/12/2006 With most of the school, including Blair, in the infirmary, Jaden and his friends go and find Viper. While investigating Viper's complex, the gang ends up getting separated. Jaden duels against Professor Stein and his Scab Scar-Knight, which turns his Monsters against him.
S03E10 Duel Prof-Élève (2) 13/12/2006 Jaden struggles against an unlikely enemy: his own Monsters! He's also in a tough situation, as Alexis drowns when Stein loses life points. Jaden ends up winning, by a small margin, but Stein falls down into the pit and Jaden goes unconscious again.
S03E11 Trappeur (1) 20/12/2006 While investigating the complex, Jesse and Syrus find Jaden unconscious. While Syrus goes for help Jesse stays behind with Jaden who finally awakes. They come across Trapper, a cruel man who hunts cards with spirits, who aims to steal the Crystal Beasts. Jesse reveals to Jaden that he has been hunting Trapper for several years after he came across a kid who's card was stolen by Trapper and made a promise to return it. Trapper takes Sapphire Pegasus and uses it as bait to get the rest of them.
S03E12 Trappeur (2) 27/12/2006 Trapper continues to imprison Jesse's Crystal Beasts, until Jaden comes to the rescue. He had used a kid's card so that Jesse couldn't attack or else go back on the promise he made several years ago to the owner of the card, but Jaden saved the card allowing Jesse to win.
S03E13 Le Venin du Serpent (1) 04/01/2007 With help from Axel, Jaden and the gang reach the heart of Viper's complex.
S03E14 Le Venin du Serpent (2) 10/01/2006 During his duel with Viper, Jaden tries to keep his monsters from getting poisoned with support from Jesse.
S03E15 Le Venin du Serpent (3) 17/01/2007 Jaden manages to pull of a win against Viper, with the help of Elemental Hero Magma Neos, but all of Duel Academy ends up in another world.
S03E16 Prisonniers d'une autre dimension 24/01/2007 After arriving in the strange world, our heroes come to realize that this isn't a game anymore and that spirits are real. They then learn their Bio Bands are still draining energy.
S03E17 Le Sous-Marin du Désert 31/01/2007 When Blair becomes ill, Jaden, Jesse, Axel, Jim, and Adrian search for medicine at a submarine spotted by Bastion, but their search is blocked by The Rock Spirit. Even though they escape and reach the sub they are sealed inside.
S03E18 L'attaque des zombies 07/02/2007 At the Academy, a revelation about the Bio Bands is revealed. As the students lose their energy, they become zombie-like Duel Ghouls, including Chazz and Syrus.
S03E19 Il faut sauver Blair 14/02/2007 Jaden and Jesse return with the medicine for Blair, but Jaden has to fight his way through an army of Duel Ghouls while Jesse escapes with Blair.
S03E20 Triple Duel (1) 21/02/2007 As the remaining students start to run out of food, the possessed Marcel offers a challenge. If Jaden could win in a duel, then they could have access to the food.
S03E21 Triple Duel (2) 28/02/2007 Jesse, Axel, and Jim face off with three Duel Ghouls, who were merged with monster spirits.
S03E22 Le Retour des Bêtes Sacrées 07/03/2007 As Jaden races to keep Marcel from releasing the Sacred Beasts, he reluctantly duels against Chazz.
S03E23 Le sceau sacré 14/03/2007 Adrian challenges Marcel to a duel, and learns about the power of Exodia.
S03E24 Duel inter-dimensionnel 21/03/2007 The Rainbow Dragon has been found, but a duel must keep the portal open long enough for it to be sent to the other world. Jesse duels against Zane to meet this goal. The duel is cut short by the arrival of many Duel Ghouls, but the card is still sent through the portal. Jesse, who is already tired from dueling Zane, suggests he duels to make their way out, but then Jaden arrives to take everyone to safety. Marcel then puts in another challenge for Jaden.
S03E25 Le retour du dragon (1) 28/03/2007 While Jesse and Axel retrieve the Rainbow Dragon, Jaden duels Marcel, in order to end the madness he's caused.
S03E26 Le retour du dragon (2) 04/04/2007 Jesse joins the duel and summons Rainbow Dragon to help Jaden face the Sacred Beasts. At the end, Jaden learns that Marcel was only a puppet of a ghost from Jaden's past: A monster spirit named Yubel. Jaden reveals very little about Yubel to Jesse, but then Yubel reveals her ultimate monster. Jesse says he has to stay to keep the energy going so that the school can get back to their world but the crumbling stadium forces Axel, Blair, Marcel and Jaden to escape, with Jaden and Marcel unconscious. Yubel and Jesse then vanish.
S03E27 Tous pour un 11/04/2007 When Rainbow Dragon sends the Academy back, Jaden finds out that Jesse didn't come back. He says it's his fault and decides to rescue him. Shepard tells Jaden's friends about Yubel who Axel heard about briefly during the duel. When a portal opens to another dimension, Jaden is going to go through it alone in order to find Jesse, but his friends back him up and end up sending him, Syrus, Bastion, Jim, Axel, Alexis, Atticus, Chazz, Zane, Aster, Crowler, and Echo into it.
S03E28 Le nouveau monde 18/04/2007 Reuniting with Tania in the other world, Jaden and Bastion help her rescue enslaved monsters. There, they learn that when dueling in this world, if you lose, you go to the stars. No one knows exactly where that is though.
S03E29 Ami ou ennemi ? 25/04/2007 Upon arriving in a desolate village, the gang learns about this world, and its brutal masters: The fiends of Dark World.
S03E30 Duel contre l'armée des ténèbres 02/05/2007 Jaden heads to a slave camp where there are rumors that Jesse has been spotted, and ends up dueling the Dark World fiend named Zure.
S03E31 Le livre maléfique (1) 09/05/2007 Jaden challenges Brron, Mad King of Dark World, in order to end his reign of terror, but he learns that his friends are being used as live sacrifices to awaken an ancient card. As a result of Jaden causing damage to Brron, Chazz goes to the stars as the first sacrifice.
S03E32 Le livre maléfique (2) 16/05/2007 As Chazz, Hassleberry, Alexis, and Atticus disappear before his eyes, Jaden decides to take his revenge on Brron. Syrus feels doubt about his friend and leaves, along with Jim and Axel. Jaden is all alone and feels he is to blame for everything that has happened to them.
S03E33 Syrus, le solitaire 23/05/2007 Filled with doubt about Jaden, Syrus wanders alone across the other world. Syrus also meets his brother Zane and they have a heart to heart talk about Syrus's friendship with Jaden. Zane leaves but refuses to tell Aster why.
S03E34 Les ténèbres dévoilées 30/05/2007 Jim and Axel come across a village under siege by the army of the Supreme King. After seeing the destruction caused by the Dark Army, Jim challenges the king, but becomes shocked when he learns who he really is. Jaden is the Supreme King.
S03E35 La vue retrouvée (1) 06/06/2007 After learning that Jaden is the Supreme King, Jim decides to use his Eye of Oricalcum to try to free him. He duels Jaden as the Supreme King and during the duel uses the Eye to see inside of Jaden. He sees that a battle is still going on inside Jaden between the good and evil half of him. He tries to reach out to him, but he can't get through the barrier of the Supreme King.
S03E36 La vue retrouvée (2) 13/06/2007 Jim does his best to defeat the Supreme King Jaden, but Super Polymerization leads to his defeat. Axel ends up scared by him and runs away, afraid to face him.
S03E37 Sous la surface (1) 20/06/2007 Axel's courage begins to wain after watching Jim disappear, but with help from Zane and Aster, he resolves to finish what Jim started and goes to defeat the Supreme King.
S03E38 Sous la surface (2) 27/06/2007 After defeating Skull Knight, Axel leads the rebellion against the Supreme King. He goes with Zane and Aster to defeat the Supreme King and get Jaden back.
S03E39 Sous la surface (3) 04/07/2007 Using the Eye of Oricalcum, Axel sacrifices himself to destroy the Supreme King and free Jaden. Ojama recalls seeing Jesse as a shadow following him and Syrus, but feels there wasn't something right about him.
S03E40 Le rituel maudit (1) 11/07/2007 As Jaden regains his senses he realizes what he has done, blames himself, and gets a fever. The group is then teleported and confronted by Adrian, who came to the other world to find Exodia and become ruler of that dimension. But in order to summon Exodia, he has to sacrifice duel energy and uses Echo to do it.
S03E41 Le rituel maudit (2) 18/07/2007 Adrian reveals that in order for him to claim Exodia, he must sacrifice his closest friend, Echo. Aster tries to stop him, but fails. He tells the rest of them to get out and save themselves. He ends up going to the stars and Adrian goes away riding on Exodia's shoulder, going to become ruler of that land.
S03E42 Le retour de Yubel (1) 25/07/2007 Jaden begins to fear his Polymerization card, because of all the harm it caused when he was the Supreme King. Zane duels him to make Jaden see he isn't ready to go anywhere to try to find Jesse. But Zane's heart starts to fail and they must stop the duel.
S03E43 Le retour de Yubel (2) 08/08/2007 Jaden learns that the Supreme King is still a part of him. Meanwhile, Jesse is found at last, but he's under Yubel's control. He and Zane duel, Zane saying that he would rather be sent to the stars dueling than wait for his heart to fail him by lying down and doing nothing.
S03E44 Le retour de Yubel (3) 15/08/2007 In what seems to be his final duel, Zane duels against Jesse and Rainbow Dark Dragon and will not lose without a fight. But even with Zane trying his best, he is defeated by Jesse and gets sent to the stars, but the duel takes its toll on Jesse as well.
S03E45 L'ultime face à face (1) 22/08/2007 After witnessing Zane's defeat, Jaden, Syrus, and Crowler enter the gate in order to confront Yubel and free Jesse from its control. Meanwhile, Yubel, recovering from its duel with Zane, recuperates in its stronghold, only to find Adrian on its throne and is furious. The two then duel for dominance over the alternate dimension.
S03E46 L'ultime face à face (2) 29/08/2007 Adrian's duel against Yubel continues. After Yubel utterly annihilates his Exodius strategy, Adrian starts his backup strategy of Fog Castle and Fog King, planning to once again gather the five Exodia pieces into his hand, but Yubel defeats him in the end and Adrian is sent to the stars.
S03E47 Le pouvoir enfoui (1) 05/09/2007 After Adrian's defeat, Jaden duels Jesse, who is still controlled by Yubel. Jaden tries to save Jesse by going into his mind to find him under the instructions of Neos, but realizes that Yubel has sealed Jesse's spirit into something besides his own body. He then realizes that he is locked away inside the Rainbow Dark Dragon. Jaden is almost defeated but then he hears Jesse's voice calling to him.
S03E48 Le pouvoir enfoui (2) 12/09/2007 The duel between Jaden and Jesse continues. Yubel has finally summnoned Rainbow Dark Dragon and destroyed Neos, but Jaden manages to avoid a finishing blow. He uses Super Poymerization but Yubel uses Last Trick to steal the card from Jaden. But despite all the odds, Jaden just manages to save Jesse from Yubel's clutches, sacrificing the duel to save him. Although both Jesse and Jaden have been injured, Yubel challenges Jaden to another duel.
S03E49 Le retour de l'ultime souverain (1) 19/09/2007 Now Jesse is freed from Yubel's influence and in no immediate danger, Jaden decides to stop Yubel once and for all. He goes up to where Yubel is waiting and the duel begins again. Syrus soon follows behind him, but Crowler and Jesse stay behind, Jesse entrusting Jaden with his deck of Crystal Beasts.
S03E50 Le retour de l'ultime souverain (2) 26/09/2007 The duel between Jaden and Yubel continues. Jaden, who has already made up his decision, resurrects the dark half of his soul, The Supreme King. But this time, he has it under control. He won't let it take over him this time but will instead use it for good so that he can save all of his friends, including Jesse whom he dragged into this and continues to feel guilty about it.
S03E51 Le retour de l'ultime souverain (3) 03/10/2007 Jaden utilizes the "Crystal Beast" cards he was entrusted by Jesse to summon "Rainbow Neos," equipping it with "Rainbow Veil" and launching an attack on Yubel. In turn, Yubel transforms into her second form, activates Demon's Rose, and fends off the damage. In the end, Jaden uses Super Polymerization to fuse his spirit with Yubel. He saves his friends and they go back to their dimension, but Jaden doesn't come back. The episode ends with Hassleberry asking where the Sarge was and Syrus replying,"He's in the stars." Note: Along with Jaden, Zane, Bastion and Adrian didn't come back to their dimension either.
S03E52 Jaden ranimé, Un tout nouveau voyage 10/10/2007 Chazz, Alexis, Hassleberry, Syrus, Atticus, Aster, Crowler, Axel, Jim and Jesse have returned to Duel Academy. Of which, Jaden has not been seen. Red Dorm's dining hall, after a week, has been adorned with the three pictures; (Jaden,) Bastion, and Zane, who both also didn't return. Chazz looks at Jaden's picture and remembers the first time he dueled Jaden. Though Syrus believes that Jaden will return, as opposed to Chazz, overcomes with deep emotion. Syrus ends up wishing on a shooting star and the meteor crashes and Jaden emerges from it. Note: This is the only Season 3 episode not to be dubbed by 4Kids Entertainment.
S04E01 Le mystérieux Visiteur 17/10/2007 A month has passed since the Yubel incident. Life at the Academy has started anew, but Jaden has stayed secluded in the Red dorms, not taking a step out. In the midst of things, something suddenly goes wrong with the Duel System. Cards that don't respond to Solid Vision start popping up. Chazz, Alexis and Fujiwara have examined the computer rooms in order to get to the bottom of all this. Meanwhile, Jaden has received a cell phone from an unknown sender and is told about some enigmatic information.
S04E02 Choisir son chemin 24/10/2007 Jaden has seen through Fujiwara, and also makes a grave decision and submits his Notification of Withdrawal to Chancellor Sheppard. Jaden meets some people who are Sheppard's indication not to accept his Notification of Withdrawal: Sartorius and Kagemaru have come to tell Jaden that they have sensed a crisis that might happen somewhere down the road. Then, a mysterious man appears before them.
S04E03 La vérité derrière l'obscurité 31/10/2007 Axel has saved Atticus from Fujiwara; then, Jaden decides to duel Atticus in order to solve the mystery behind Nightshroud. Atticus, borrowing Nightshroud's power, summons Red-Eyes Black Dragon, and then sacrifices Red-Eyes Black Dragon to Special Summon Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon to launch an assault on Jaden. As the duel continues, more about Atticus's dark past is revealed, and there's a lot about Fujiwara and Nightshroud to discover...
S04E04 La fusion des âmes 07/11/2007 Honest is unmasked by Jaden and launches a massive attack, which is countered by Yubel's power within Jaden's soul. Honest agrees to reveal about the worldwide disaster happening at the moment, but is quickly destroyed by the ominous Trueman, who also intends to kill all the others. Jaden adds Honest to his Deck and prepares to face Trueman.
S04E05 Les tag duels 14/11/2007 Hassleberry and other students plan to hold a Dueling Party as a memory maker. Meanwhile, Alexis has her career path on her mind, about whether to stay at the Academy and become a children's school teacher, or to go study overseas. In the middle of that, at the Duel Party being held, people have formed boy-girl pairs so that they will all duel with graduates against the students. Alexis accidentally gets paired with Jaden by Hassleberry, but they are not cooperating well.
S04E06 Émotions cachées 21/11/2007 Blair has confirmed that the duel pair of Jaden and Alexis aren't both on the same page as one another and slyly places a card face-down. Then, Jaden tells Alexis to check her face-down card, but stages his own duel regardless of what she may expect. Blair has opened her face-down card towards Alexis, who gets angry at the situation.
S04E07 L'héritage (1) 28/11/2007 Out of nowhere, the person who has assaulted Chancellor Sheppard appears. The person is Makoto Inotsume, a wielder of the Psycho-Style, which was created around the same time as its rival, Cyber-Style. His goal has been to defeat the Cyber-Style to make Psycho-Style the main-style school. In order to achieve his objective, he challenges the weakened Zane Truesdale, and they face-off.
S04E08 L'héritage (2) 05/12/2007 Syrus decides to take the place of his brother and duel Inotsume. However, his practicing using Zane's deck doesn't go well. He realizes that he will not succeed if he only tries to mimic his brother, and decides to "listen" both his and Zane's decks. Finally, Syrus and Inotsume duel, and a battle between Cyber Dark Dragon and Jinzo ensues.
S04E09 Le chemin d'un duelliste pro 12/12/2007 Chazz aims to be a Pro Duelist without his brothers' help, but all he has received are rejection notices. Crowler, who can't bear to see Chazz as such, brings him to Aster's cruiser, and requests Phoenix to make Chazz his disciple. However, the daily life of a Pro Duelist is beyond Chazz's wildest imagination. Calls for research for articles at seven in the morning, the huge lines at handshaking events, and what shocks him the most, Aster, admired as a genius, goes through tough and bloody dueling training with a coach.
S04E10 Le dragon de la fin 19/12/2007 Chazz's mistake causes Aster to retire from the Pro League and completely disappear. Meanwhile, the boy has been discovered by Mike, a TV Director, and tried his hand at the seat of a Star Duelist. Mike's next gimmick is "Teacher-Pupil Clash! Aster vs. Chazz!!". However, there's a certain secret lying behind Aster's Pro League retirement.
S04E11 Duel de gratitude 26/12/2007 When Crowler looks at the Graduation Album, he begins to act abnormal. He conducts rigid classes for no reason, suddenly make his students dictate multiplication tables and make them do push-ups... in the end, they end up boycotting the lessons and fleeing. Jaden then challenges Crowler to a duel, the first since the entrance exams.
S04E12 Duel pour un diplôme 04/01/2008 The Graduation Duel at the Duel Academy starts and Jaden has been flooded with challenges for the Duel. And so, Sorano, a talented second-grade student from the Blue Dorms, challenges him. Meanwhile, Axel has caught wind of a disaster in Domino City, because Trueman has risen from the shadows and is ready to put his scheme in motion.(Miho's name is ritten on the list in this episode.)
S04E13 Le prix de la décision 09/01/2008 Axel has battled against Trueman, who taunted him with painful memories and thoughts. Trueman defeats Axel, and all memories of the boy are erased, as if he never existed. Jaden arrives Domino City to investigate, and finds himself face to face with an army of evil Axels.
S04E14 Le retour de la lumière (1) 16/01/2008 Sartorius saves Jaden from Trueman and tells him important news: the dark emissary is going to attack the Duel Academy. However, Sartorius suddenly corners the boy and challenges him to a duel, rendering him unable to summon monsters with his combo of Arcana Force 0 - The Fool and Tour of Doom.
S04E15 Le retour de la lumière (2) 23/01/2008 Jaden gets stuck in a predicament as his deck steadily decreases through Sowing of the Fool. He listens to Winged Kuriboh there and manages to retaliate to The Dark Ruler. Jaden hears Sarina, as he gets backed into the corner with 13 cards left, and she urges him to save her brother. Jaden realizes that he must defeat Sartorius in order to understand and rescue him.
S04E16 Panique à la Duel Académie 30/01/2008 Jaden has finished his match with Sartorius and headed towards the Academy, but this time, Trueman blocks his path, which leads to a duel. Trueman started the battle using a Crystal Beast deck, one that only Jesse should possess. Jaden gets shocked, realizing that Jesse has fallen into Trueman's clutches.
S04E17 Souvenirs volés (1) 06/02/2008 Trueman has possessed Sorano's body and has been assaulting students in the academy one by one. The students he defeats get dragged into Nothingness and memories of them get wiped clean from the populous. Chazz and the others also fall to Trueman, and Atticus, having forgot about them, meanders around the barren academy by himself. Jaden and Jesse manage to reach him, and then the real mastermind behind Trueman finally shows up...
S04E18 Souvenirs volés (2) 13/02/2008 Fujiwara speaks of the wonders of the World of Darkness, but Atticus doesn't share the same sentiments. Fujiwara has activated the Field Magic, Clear World, and inflicted the Negative Effect on Atticus, who is backed into a predicament. Fujiwara shows him the darkness in the hearts of Chazz, Alexis, Syrus, and the others, in order to land the final blow against him.
S04E19 L'union fait la force (1) 20/02/2008 Jaden and Jesse form a tag team and start their duel against Fujiwara, who deploys Clear World and activates Negative Effect, launching a powerful attack against Jaden using a combo of his monsters. However, Jaden avoids disaster with Jesse backing him up. A furious Fujiwara, grasping the fact that he cannot win unless he severs Jaden and Jesse's bonds, has peeped into Jesse's mind in search of the darkness in his heart.
S04E20 L'union fait la force (2) 27/02/2008 Fujiwara attempts to use the darkness in Jesse's heart to destroy the strong bonds between Jaden and Jesse, but to no avail. Fujiwara, their bond infuriating him, has activated Attribute Gravity and Attribute Chameleon. The two effects that Fujiwara has put into motion have caused both Jesse and Jaden's monsters to attack one another, and Jesse doesn't resist the strike. However, Honest appears before Fujiwara and reminds him of sad memories.
S04E21 Le maître de l'obscurité (1) 05/03/2008 Jaden succeeds in separating Nightshroud from Fujiwara, but the world is still wrapped in the darkness of a total solar eclipse. Out from the midst of that darkness finally comes the true Nightshroud, who informs Jaden that the World of Darkness was created through the darkness in the hearts of all duelists. Jaden challenges Nightshroud in order to save everyone from his World. Nightshroud activates the combo of terror, Zero and Infinity, and ironically, the only help Jaden has comes from Yubel.
S04E22 Le maître de l'obscurité (2) 12/03/2008 Jaden fuses together Neos and Yubel, summoning Neos Wiseman, and attacks Nightshroud. However, Nightshroud has a relaxed smile about his face. He revives his Darkness Eye and activates his Zero and Infinity combo. In the midst of his seesaw offense and defense unfolding, Nightshroud reveals the shocking truth: Nightshroud himself is the embodiment of mankind's future. Jaden battles with the fate of all life on his success.
S04E23 Le duelliste légendaire (1) 19/03/2008 Jaden and his friends have safely made it to their graduation ceremonies. That evening, a thank-you party is held, but Jaden is nowhere to be found there. In front of him, who plans to pack up and venture out, Winged Kuriboh has appeared and led him to the exhibition gallery. There, Yugi Muto was waiting, and tells him that it's time to begin the real graduation duel. Yugi informs a doubtful Jaden that Jaden has gained a lot of power over the past three years, but has lost something special, and that he must retrieve it. Once he holds his card over the deck, a timeslip to the world of the past comes from out of nowhere. Waiting there is Yugi from the past, which, by dueling him, will allow that special thing to be retrieved. The duel begins, and when the Duel starts heating up, Yami Yugi takes over the Duel, sensing that Jaden is a powerful opponent.
S04E24 Le duelliste légendaire (2) 26/03/2008 Yami Yugi manages to summon some of the Egyptian Gods, but although the end of the Duel is never shown, it had concluded with Yami Yugi (Pharaoh Atem)'s victory. After the Duel, Jaden finds out that the thing he lost which was a passion for dueling. The show concludes with Jaden, Banner's spirit, and Pharaoh running into the distance, awaiting their next adventure.
S00E01 La pyramide de Lumière 00/00/0000