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Yudhisthir Sikarwar, an elite businessman, has a neuropsychological disorder. He is now caught in a battle with himself and his health, an emotional battle with his family and a corporate battle with his rivals.


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S01E01 1.0 14/07/2014 Business tycoon Yudh, owner of Shanti Constructions informs Commissioner about the flyover which was constructed years back and also alerts him. Yudh's Brother-in-law Ranjan releases from jail after serving 11 years of imprisonment. Yudh focuses on his next project of mining and Health Science Institute and also shares his views with Minister. Secret of Dharmendra Malik's flyover gets leaked in the Media. Yudh gets to know a shocking truth about Municipal General Hospital where her Daughter Taruni is working. Is Yudh hiding a secret?
S01E02 2.0 15/07/2014 An unknown Person gives a shocking footage to Mona in which a group of People are trying to demolish the structure. Yudh calls for an urgent Press Conference and shows the footage to media. Yudh is urgently admitted to the Hospital. Who are involved in demolishing the Municipal General Hospital? Does Yudh's Family know his secret?
S01E03 3.0 16/07/2014 Yudh wins the bid for coal mining despite the Commissioner's machinations. However, his reputation receives a further blow when the CD proving him innocent is rumoured to be fake. At the same time, his newly set up mining operation receives Naxalite threats. Yudh finds his secret benefactor, but he proves to be unhelpful. Will Yudh be able to prove his innocence and protect his reputation?
S01E04 Mamta Malik gets murdered 17/07/2014 Nikhil realizes that Yudh knows about his secret affair with Mamta Mallik. Yudh blames him for the death of all the people who died at the hospital as he didn’t do anything about it in spite of knowing about the crime in advance. Nikhil convinces Yudh that Anuj is behind it. Anuj finds a CD that shows Mamta and Nikhil together. Anuj rushes home to confront her but finds her murdered. Mamta’s father informs the police that she has called him hurriedly as she was threatened by someone. Police also finds Nikhil’s camcorder which proves that Yudh was right about the hospital incident. The media blows this news on TV. At home, Taruni finds Jeet investigating Gautam Dev and Yudh. A news head of a TV channel meets Yudh and blames him for spreading Mamta’s murder news in media but not telling him. Yudh loses his temper and throws him out of his office. Mona takes Yudh home to rest. When Mona unfolds the day’s events to Nayan, she starts blaming herself but Mona convinces her that it’s not her fault. Ananad apologizes to the news head Mukesh but the latter doesn’t pay any heed. Nikhil blames Anand for conspiring Mamta’s murder and sending his camcorder to Anuj’s house. At home, Anand’s wife Preeti is tired of taking cre of her mental son and asks him to send him in care house. Mona informs Yudh that Mukesh has dispatched an investigative team behind him. Rishi goes to the city and calls his parents. Yudh is glad to know his son is acting responsible. One naxal lady informs her gang that Rishi is roaming without any security and can be targeted easily next time. Anand sends his apologies to Mukesh by sending him a brand new car but he breaks the car completely in anger. When Anand receives the broken car he dumps it. Yudh’s doctor informs him that his disease can make him hyper active so he should avoid stress atall costs. Nayan speaks to Yudh’s about his tarnished image on TV. Taruni watches Yudh’s movements on TV and finds something wrong.
S01E05 Dr. Mehra’s accident, Yudh's case file stolen 21/07/2014 Ranjan and Nayan watch in news that the CD provided by Yudh was original proving that Anuj Mallik is behind the hospital mishap. Nayan is relieved to see Yudh’s name cleared. Dr. Ganatra informs Yudh that a young girl had come to his clinic inquiring about him from Dr. Mehra. Taruni requests her close friend Ajju to put up an British accent on phone and gets Yudh’s medical file from Dr. Ganatra’s receptionist. Taruni tells Ajju that Yudh is suffering from Huntington’s disease which has no cure. When Yudh tells Anand about his disease the latter proposes him to take legal indemnity for the same. While leaving office Yudh suffers an attack so he asks Anand to call Dr. Mehra immediately. Dr. Mehra meets with a car accident on his way to Yudh’s office. When Dr. Mehra doesn’t answer Anand’s call the latter calls Taruni urgently to treat Yudh. Taruni gives an injection to Yudh which makes him fall asleep instantly. When Anand questions Taruni how does she know about Yudh’s illness she tells him that she had observed his condition in a press conference and had later duped Dr. Ganatra’s receptionistto give her Yudh’s medical file. Nayantara too reaches office but is upset with Taruni’s presence. Nayan is worried about Yudh’s deteriorating health and asks him to let Rishi take over but Yudh tells her that he doesn’t find Rishi responsible enough. Anand reaches home and tells Preeti that he has found an experienced female nurse who can take care of their son. Preeti and Anand are in a middle of a conversation when he receives a call from inspector Choudry informing of Dr. Mehra’s accident on the old highway. When Anand reaches the spot he recognizes the other car immediately. Anand rushes to office and informs Yudh that it’s the same car which he had offered to Mukesh Chhabra and later ordered to be dumped. Anand realizes that their office is bugged and gets it checked. Dabra finds bugs in Yudh’s cabin. Taruni goes to Ajju’s house and tells him that Yudh is her father, whom s
S01E06 Anuj and Dr. Mehra dies 22/07/2014 Naxalites watch Rishi distributing cricket kits amongst the village kids. Ranjan plants a seed of doubt against Taruni in Nayantara’s mind. Mona meets Kavita from Daily News, who agrees to help her in giving all the information about Yudh’s investigation going on in her office. Nikhil approaches Dharmendra Mallik to take revenge against Yudh but the latter refuses. When Mona leaves the club after meeting Kavita she is attacked in her car by Kapil, who makes her unconscious. Anuj Mallik is killed inside the jail by the inmates. When Dharmendra learns about it he approaches Nikhil to plot against Yudh aka YS. Dr. Mehra is declared dead to his wife and son. Dr. Mehra’s son, Rahul is blackmailed to tell the cops that YS is responsible for his father’s accident. YS is angry to hear the same news on TV and calls Mona but is unable to reach her. When Rishi calls to check on his father YS asks him to stay back and work. When Jeet tells everyone that Dr. Mehra is dead Ajju thinks that YS is involved in some conspiracy. Taruni tells them that YS is suffering from a life threatening disease and there is no conspiracy. When Anand goes to Yudh’s house Nayan apologizes to him for her behaviour at office. Anand tells Yudh about Anuj’s death in jail and they come to a conclusion that someone else is using Dharmendra against them. Dabra follows Rahul’s girlfriend and makes a video where Rahul is dealing with drugs. YS shows the video to Dr. Mehra’s wife and convinces her that he hasn’t killed Dr. Mehra. Anand is still unable to trace Mona. Taruni suggests Anand and YS to call a press conference and reveal his neurological condition. Ajju and Taruni have an argument over Taruni’s involvement with YS. Anand calls Taruni for the press conference at Shanti constructions. A man in a car shoots the auto driver in which Taruni was travelling. Ajju reluctantly takes her to the press conference where YS reveals about his disease.
S01E07 Taruni new CEO, Rishi kidnapped 23/07/2014 YS reveals about his disease in a press conference. Dr. Mehra’s wife turns up unexpectedly, reveals about her son’s involvement with drugs and declare Yudh innocent. Yudh appoints his daughter Taruni as the new CEO of Shanti Constructions. Nayan is unhappy with the news and Rishi takes it lightly. Taruni tells YS that she does not wish to be a business woman. Mona tells Anand about Kapil’s tainted past and that he has her phone and laptop. Kapil goes to Mona’s house where his wife and kids are elated to see him. Ajju thinks that making Taruni CEO is a calculated move but Taruni talks compassionately about her father. YS and Anand see Nikhil at Anuj’s funeral and realize that he is behind all the recent antics. Yudh hallucinates about the joker again. Rishi hosts a party for his new found cricket team and friends at his place. Two of the boys take Rishi to the jungle where he is kidnapped by the naxalites. Nayan blames Taruni for Rishi’s disappearance yet the latter takes care of Nayan. When Anand leaves his son unattended to meet YS he ignites fire in the house. Taruni, Anand, Nayan and Yudh go to find Rishi at the mining state. Rishi has no idea why he has been kidnapped. The villagers request YS to ask police to release their kids who have taken under the custody by police. Police introduces YS to Gopal who act as a mediator between them and the naxalites.
S01E08 Rishi escapes from Naxalites 24/07/2014 Gopal puts forth the demands from the Naxalites to YS. Taruni notices YS in discomfort as he hallucinates about the joker so she puts him to bed. YS agrees to the demands but Gopal and the police ask him to wait and negotiate further. Naxalites shoot a video of Rishi as a proof that he is alive and sends it to YS. Taruni suggests that the kids are innocent so they should be released. Rishi tries to escape but is caught by the naxalites. Gopal wants to wait more but YS insists on meeting their demands to get his son back. Naxalites increase their ransom again and YS puts forth his terms. The boys from the cricket team help Rishi escape in the middle of the night. Police informs Anand that Rishi is safe with them in a hospital. YS thanks the young boys but they request him to not mention their names anywhere. YS instead spreads the news that the naxalits took 20 crores to release Rishi. Gopal and the naxalites blast a bomb in the mines where 15 people are injured. Taruni tells YS that she found his medical file in his office.It's the same file that was lost during Dr. Mehra's accident.
S01E09 Taruni tells Yudh that she found his medical file 28/07/2014 Taruni tells Yudh that she found his medical file from his table on the day when Rishi was kidnapped. Taruni doubts that Yudh might be involved in Dr. Mehra’s murder as he is capable of keeping emotions apart when making business decisions. YS tries to give an explanation but she asks him to find another doctor and leaves. Kapil offers Mona’s laptop to Dharmendra and Nikhil in exchange to close his rape case. Kavita asks Mona about her disappearance and shows concern. Rishi and Nayan go home. While Anand requests Taruni to stay back with YS of 2 more days and then decide. Mona asks Kapil’s victim Smriti to be more careful now. YS figures out that mine blasts were not accident. The ministers pressurize YS to continue to open work at the mines or else the government will face loss. Anand and Mona find out from Cindy that Yudh’s medical file was planted in his office by a cleaner. YS takes Gautam’s advice on the mining issue. The local miners protest when they see the contract being given to outsiders. Gopal instigates the local miners to join the naxals to attack the mines. YS asks Dabra to stay out of it. When Taruni informs YS that one of the hospitalized labours died, YS tells all the labourers that he will take the victim complete financial responsibility and offer Rs. 5 lakhs to the injured ones. YS promises them better safety standards and life. Anand fills in Taruni with latest information and she realizes that someone is trying to kill Yudh. Taruni apologizes to her father for doubting him. He tells her that he doesn’t know who is after his life and he is not worried about his enemies but about his disease. The minister calls YS and threatens him to work according to his rules. YS tells him that he will work in his own way.
S01E10 The minister tries to threaten Yudh 29/07/2014 The minister tries to threaten Yudh but the latter remains unfazed by him. Smriti is stalked by Kapil and his men but she hides under a truck and calls Mona for help. But by the times Mona reaches there Smriti is whisked away by Kapil. Mona calls Anand for help, who decides to hire a private detective to find her. Taruni talks about Ajju to Yudh. Rishi assures the village boys of his cricket team that he will take care of them. Gopal informs the naxalites that the village boys had helped Rishi escape. Dabra finds the gun powder missing from the mines. Nikhil and Dharmendra agree to hand over Smriti to Kapil only when he brings Mona’s laptop and mobile. One village house is set on fire and when Dabra reaches there to take a girl get to the hospital, the villagers find a box of dynamite in his jeep and doubt him. Dabra escapes the angry crowd and sends the girl to hospital. YS dreams about the joker, who accuses him of killing the villagers. Taruni doesn’t want to disturb YS so she receives the call from police on YS’ mobile and goes to the police station. Dabra tells her that someone has planned the entire fiasco against them. The doctor at the hospital tells Taruni that the family of the injured girl has taken her away. Taruni goes to her village but they don’t allow her to take the victimized girl to the hospital. Taruni forces Mahato to spend the night with her in jeep outside the village. Mahato tells YS everything in morning and complains to him that she doesn’t listen to him. YS orders Taruni to head back home but just then the villagers bring the girl to Taruni and take her to the hospital. The villagers thank Taruni for getting the girl treated. Anand tells Mona that he is going to Madhyaraj to help Dabra. Mahato informs Yudh that an inquiry has been ordered into the bomb blast at their mines. YS asks Dabra to leave the police station in sly before they arrest him. Mona follows Kapil but she is picked up by the police with regard to Smriti’s being missing. YS
S01E11 When police questions Mona regarding Smriti’s disappearance 30/07/2014 When police questions Mona regarding Smriti’s disappearance she feigns ignorance but when he produces Smriti’s mobile from Mona’s car, she agrees to speak to her father. Kapil gives Mona’s things to Dharmendra and Nikhil. Detective tells Anand that he is unable to reach Mona. YS tells Anand that he has asked Dabra to stay low for sometime. Mahato tells YS that police has come to the Mines’ office to investigate. Ajju tells Gauri that he is worried about Taruni. Ranjan tells Rishi that they should get into the security business but Rishi figures out that it’s his mother’s plan and chucks it immediately. Mona tells the truth to police and they arrest Kapil from her house. Jeet tells Gauri that he is pressurized to investigate Gautam Dev and this can lead to YS as well. The minister tells the police that if they can’t arrest Dabra they should arrest Taruni. Mahato informs Rishi about Taruni’s arrest. When Rishi tells his friend about his kidnapping he doesn’t believe it. Mona tells the entire truth to her family but Manju doesn’t believe her. Manju’s lawyer tells her that if Mona takes back her statement they can get Kapil out on bail. Rishi leaves for Madhyaraj without informing Nayan. Mona is disappointed that her father is willing to blame Smriti but not Kapil. Anand gets an anonymous call informing him that state intelligence has released a memo stating that the naxalite group AILF is behind the blasts. When Anand gets hold of the memo YS wants to release it in press but Anand disagrees. Rishi lands there and supports his father’s suggestion. Taruni returns from the police station and there will be no case against Dabra hence YS asks Anand to stop the news release but Anand tells him that the news is already out. YS returns home, Gauri finds Taruni sleeping in her room and Mona spends the night at Kavita’s house. Rishi decides to stay back in Madhyaraj.
S01E12 The girl from the Naxal group 31/07/2014 The girl from the Naxal group comes to meet Rishi early morning and tells him that she is an informer who told them about the IB memo. Ajju is surprised to see Taruni at home. Mahato tells Rishi that the bomb blasts in their mines was a planned attack. When Rishi tells YS that he wants to investigate the bomb blasts YS asks him to keep Dabra informed of his moves. Jeet tells Ajju that someone is trying to take revenge from Gautam Dev by getting him investigated. But this may lead to YS and eventually to Taruni. Jeet further says that gauri will convince Taruni to quit YS’s company. Gauri and Jeet are surprised when Jeet mentions her accident. Kapil threatens Dharmendra’s lawyer to bail him out soon or else he will speak against everyone. Mona wakes up to the news that Smriti is still not found. Anand finds the fourth man who was involved in the city hospital’s crash but before he can give any information few cops take them away. Mona’s private detective tells her that Dharmendra’s lawyer is helping Kapil. Mona and YS are unable to reach Anand. Nikhil and Dharmendra decide to find the girl and prove that she ran away on her own. Gautam tells Yudh that he should let Rishi work in his own way. He suggests that the way there is Anand in his life he should ask Taruni to guide Rishi. Gauri asks Taruni to quit working for YS but she doesn’t agree. Mona runs away from the mental hospital just before Mona and her detective reach there. Dharmendra and Nikhil see Smriti but are unable to catch her. Mona is told that the police have found her. Jeet receives Mona’s laptop and mobile from an unknown source. Police takes Anand and the criminal to a jungle where they shoot the latter. They make Anand speak to an unknown person. Anand takes the gun from the cop and escapes.
S01E13 Rishi has started the investigations 04/08/2014 Rishi has started the investigations related to the blast in the mines He circulates amongst his staff, sketches of two men who are being suspected. One man comes forward, claiming to have seen them on the day of the blast. The two security guards are called in for questioning. They reveal that they were threatened with harm to their families, if they didn’t issue gate pass to the two suspects. Ranjan is seen drinking in a local bar while talking about an abduction plan with some men, who don’t seem too impressed with him and walk away. He is however approached by another man, who claims to like his plan and promises him support. He is seen traveling to the same city, where Rishi is currently living, with some criminal looking men. Once reaching the city, he goes over to meet him. Along with him, Rishi goes to meet the home minister who offers him an olive branch. Yudhistar is having another attack of hallucinations and his condition seems to be worsening. Smriti has been located in a hospital. However when Mona goes there to meet her, she is informed by the doctor that Smriti is suffering from post-trauma disorder and doesn’t remember anything. Anand discusses with Yudhistar, the developments of an investigation he is carrying out privately. Upon, their mutual agreement, he proceeds to spy around in the agent’s house. While he is doing so, a police man also lands up in the house and asks him to leave. Just as he is driving off, the police man asks him to stop and open the rear of his car. Anand is shocked to see a blood stained cloth and some tools there. All substantial proof and evidence seem to be going against Anand.
S01E14 Anand has been arrested 05/08/2014 Anand has been arrested and is in the lock up. Yudh goes to meet him there. They both have a chat and realize that there must be an insider involved in passing information and who is watching everyone. They also realise that they had stopped tracing an office boy who had switched some important files from Yudh’s office in the past. Yudh decides to pick up the trail. Questioning his office staff leads to a suspicious man, who in turn has links with an office driver called Kundan. This driver is now absconding. After spending one night in the lock up, policeman Mr. Chowdhary tells Anand that since the DNA found on the evidence in his car does not match that of the victim, he is free to go. Ranjan is called by the Home minister who offers him Rs 15 Lakhs in exchange of information on Rishi and Yudh. Ranjan agrees. Meanwhile, Ranjan has informed his associates when Rishi is free. They start following him, so that they can kidnap him. He reaches the airport to receive his mother, who is visiting him. There takes place a crossfire between Rishi and his bodyguard and his abductors. In the process Nayantara gets shot and is now critical and in ICU.
S01E15 Nayantara is critical 06/08/2014 Nayantara is critical and a complicated surgery needs to be done in order to save her. Unfortunately there are no surgeons to perform the surgery. YS requests Taruni to operate on her, while getting remote instructions via a video link up. The surgery is a success. The home minister meets Rishi and tells him that he believes the naxalites are responsible for the shooting and he wants Rishi to help him reach the tribal people. Rishi leaves from there. He wants to reach out to Aruna and warn her of an impending attack. Just as he leaves, Home minister intimates his men to follow him and kill the naxalites. Rishi is shaken up, but figures that it is the home minister’s own men and not the army who carried out the attack. Rishi meets the intelligence chief, seeking to meet Aruna. But he is told that Aruna was shot dead in the attack on naxalites.
S01E16 Kundan, a driver at Shanti constructions is a accusing them of trying to kill him 07/08/2014 Kundan, a driver at Shanti constructions is a accusing them of trying to kill him. Mona is called to the police station in regard to the murder of a housekeeper in Shanti constructions; the police accuse Anand of it, they remove an arrest warrant against him. HM gives Gopalan the cell phone footage in which the village boy is leading Rishi to the naxals. He takes it to the police who call the village boy and blackmail him to wrongly accuse Rishi of killing the naxals. YS hears this news and is furious with Rishi. Jeet questions Mona about the contents in her laptop which has files relating to Gautam Dev who is being audited. Kapil’s wife comes home to find him molesting Smriti, she knocks him out cold with a baseball bat. He is later murdered and Mona takes the fall for it. Yudh shuts down the mining business.
S01E17 The village boy apologizes to Rishi 11/08/2014 The village boy apologizes to Rishi about his statement to the press; he tells him that he was forced to do that. Rishi forgives him. Yudh decides to make Rishi the CEO of Shanti constructions. Anand gets upset with him for not taking his opinion about this. Yudh fires him for this. Gautam Dev tells YS that everything bad that’s happening to him right now is because of the orphanage which he wanted to buy many years ago. The owners of the orphanage did not want to sell it, but their son , a drug addict wanted to because he needed the money. In a murderous rage after a disagreement to sell, he shot everyone present in the orphanage. Only one boy was saved. Rishi gets evidence that it was the home minister who sent the private army to kill the naxals and with this leverage restarts the mining company. Ajju shoots Jeet and kills him. Gautam Dev is also dead, death caused by his disease.
S01E18 Yudh goes to meet Taruni and Gauri 12/08/2014 Yudh goes to meet Taruni and Gauri who thinks that it is him who is responsible for Ajeet’s murder. Anand is approached by Dharamendra and Nikhil to join forces with him in order to take vengeance on Yudh. He agrees to it only on the condition that he will meet the master mind behind them. It turns out to be Ajju. He kills Dharmendra. Ajju tells Anand that in order to be part of the plan, Anand must take responsibility of Dharmendra’s murder, on behalf of Yudh. Rishi manages to trace the address to the phone number provided by Ranjan. Upon following it, he arrives at a house. Just as he enters it, he stumbles upon a dead body. Just then walks in Inspector Chowdhary. It seems that it is a trap for Rishi, but Chowdhary decides to help him walk away from the crime site.
S01E19 Anand reveals a shocking truth 13/08/2014 Anand reveals a shocking truth to Yudh about Aju. The nurse, working for Anand ties up his wife and hands over a machine gun to his son who is mentally disturbed. The boy plays around with the gun, he isn’t aware of the consequences of his actions. Taruni gets kidnapped. Will Yudh succeed in releasing his Daughter Taruni?
S01E20 Amitabh Bachchan - Last Episode 14/08/2014 Anand gets severely injured while saving his Son Aditya. Ajju kidnaps Taruni and also calls Rishi and Yudh. Ajju gives a deadly task to Rishi and on the other side, massive fight of life and death takes place between Yudh and Ajju. Will Yudh succeed in saving his Daughter Taruni? To know more watch this breath-taking episode of Yudh.

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