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'Yukon Gold' is a ten part series set to explore four professional gold-mining families and the competition in northern Canada.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yukon Gold

S01E01 Sacré job ! 13/03/2013 Ken suffers from mechanical difficulties. Bernie struggles with a rookie crew and Big Al has a great start.
S01E02 Pour une poignée d'or 20/03/2013 On Sulphur Creek, young crew boss Karl has no sluice machine, and no sluice means no gold. Karl's father Marty, a highly respected self-made miner, builds a new one from scratch. While Karl waits, he struggles to keep his crew on task – and live up to his father's high expectations. Big Al tests new strategies – and new equipment – on a fresh claim. If only he could keep his machines running.
S01E03 La Malédiction de Moose Creek 27/03/2013 Karl must deal with mistakes his crew make and design flaws on the massive sluice his dad Marty built. Bernie packs it in at McDame and moves his operation, hoping his fortune is about to change.
S01E04 La fièvre de l'or 03/04/2013 With the weeks passing quickly, Ken and Guillaume's dreams of striking it big are starting to fade as they face continual equipment breakdowns and a crew member who goes AWOL. Bernie's decision to move to Snow Creek seems to be paying off, if only he can get his sons to step up and meet his expectations. Al McGregor's pay streak is threatened when he breaks a hitch trying to move his sluice.
S01E05 Les temps sont durs 10/04/2013 While Guillaume Brodeur deals with moving their giant sluice, The Beast, Ken Foy must contend with a bigger challenge – a visit from his wife. Karl Knutson is shocked to learn just how quickly the season is passing, and with one water issue after another, his opportunity for a big payday is dwindling just as fast. A faulty clutch on Al McGregor’s sluice results in a shutdown; it’s a race to get it fixed and get back to work, even if it means working around the clock.
S01E06 L'espoir fait vivre 17/04/2013 Ken and Guillaume try to reverse their bad luck by moving across Moose Creek. Bernie has to deal with mistakes made by his junior crew. And Karl’s night crew is starting to slow him down.
S01E07 Eurêka ! 24/04/2013 Cold weather threatens the miners' operations; Ken contemplates laying off half his crew; Karl's workers hunt moose after their sluice box ices over; Big Al battles beavers.
S01E08 Dernière ligne droite 01/05/2013 Ken uncovers a mother lode of gold after he changes the Beast's location; breakdowns threaten to bring an early end to Bernie's season; Big Al selects a final site for his sluice plant.
S01E09 Quitte ou double 08/05/2013 Ken uncovers a mother lode of gold after he changes the Beast's location; breakdowns threaten to bring an early end to Bernie's season; Big Al selects a final site for his sluice plant.
S01E10 De l'or, rien que de l'or 15/05/2013 Snow threatens to bury Ken's pay dirt; Karl ignores his father's advice; Big Al deals with failing equipment and unhappy workers as his first season comes to an end.
S02E01 Dans le pétrin ! 26/02/2014 It’s the start of the Yukon gold mining season. A late spring and plummeting gold prices push miners to battle frozen ground and sluice harder than ever. Karl races to get 100 ounces in the first week, defying dad Marty, in a bid to prove he’s ready to take over the family mine and stake his own claim. Ken’s redline operation is jeopardized when junior miner Matt destroys key gear, forcing the boss to decide if the eager but careless hand is worth the cost. Big Al’s gamble to strip muddy ground to keep sluicing is a bust when he has to replace big iron without a big payday.
S02E02 Une affaire de gros sous 05/03/2014 Two weeks into the mining season, miners are taking big risks for a shot at big gold. Ken discovers ultra fine gold stashed deep in the ground at Moose Creek and sinks tens of thousands of dollars into digging it out. New miner Cam bets on an old-timer streak at his mine on 10 Mile Creek. Just as it starts to pay big, a forest fire threatens to destroy the moneymaker mine and his family’s livelihood. Karl’s gamble on the dredge edge is iced when veteran operator Darwin no shows, forcing Karl to take on dangerous ground alone and decide if Darwin’s lifelong partying is more trouble than his experience is worth.
S02E03 Aux petits soins 12/03/2014 It’s still early in mining season, but miners are ripping through hard ground to bring in the gold. Ken’s push to move enough dirt to pay his crew by end of month is sidelined when miners he owes money to come knocking, seizing one of his sluice plants. Big Al smells gold in the ground, but has to move his massive sluice to test his theory. But when prized excavator Big Girl goes down for the count, Big Al is shut out of the new cut until parts arrive. Cam’s brother-in-law and business partner, Dennis, destroys a key piece of gear trying to crack bedrock and get at a rich seam of gold underneath. Dennis has to find a way to scrape $10,000 out of hostile ground to replace the part or face permanent shutdown.
S02E04 Un coup dur 19/03/2014 Crews are facing life or death in the hunt for gold. Ken fights a double mutiny on Moose Creek when his moneymaker plant and experienced hand Riley both go rogue. The cost of gold hits a deadly high for Cam when veteran welder Gary is struck down on the mine and airlifted to hospital. A bear attacks Karl’s camp, forcing his crew to shut down sluicing and gun for their lives.
S02E05 Sur le fil 26/03/2014 Halfway through the season, stakes are running high. Karl discovers permafrost on the cut late in the game, putting his reputation and his relationship with father Marty on the line. Ken’s dogged commitment to Moose Creek puts his marriage in jeopardy when wife Kina visits the mine and discovers Ken’s on the verge of going broke. Big Al’s push to sluice 24/7 takes a dangerous turn when his excavator Little Scratch takes a nosedive with mine hand Eric in the hot seat.
S02E06 Entre le marteau et le froid 02/04/2014 Fall will soon descend on the Yukon, and the miners are pushing for gold before the weather turns. Ken puts his moneymaker plant, the Beast, on the line to mine rocky ground he’s convinced is rich in gold. But big rocks are hard on equipment, and breakdowns are not an option. Bad ground forces Dennis to choose between the drive to mine and his loyalty to brother-in-law and business partner Cam. Karl’s push to mine with a prime new piece of gear is benched when his cut floods, putting his season in jeopardy.
S02E07 Quand la poule est menacée... 09/04/2014 Fall has arrived, and the miners battle Mother Nature and put big iron on the line in the hunt for gold. Ken’s race to move to virgin ground hits hard when he rolls his only dozer and pushes the Beast to its breaking point. Karl and right hand man Kyle face off against Sulphur Creek’s only loader in a bid to keep sluicing, only to have it go down for the count. Big Al’s prize excavator takes on a battle against nature when beavers threaten to shut his mining operation down.
S02E08 Là pour gagner ! 16/04/2014 Crews are racing to rip through ground as winter descends. Ken and right hand man Guillaume fight to keep the Beast sluicing through subzero temperatures only to discover the dirt they’ve banked on has run dry. Cam’s plans to mine an ancient waterfall go sideways when the treacherous ground threatens to bench his iron for good. Karl and right hand man Kyle’s mechanical skills are put to the test when the season takes its toll on Sulphur Creek’s operation.
S02E09 Pas question d'abandonner ! 23/04/2014 The short Yukon gold mining season is almost over, and crews are battling the elements in a mad push for gold. Ken is forced to call in reinforcements when winter hits Moose Creek hard. Cam hits an impenetrable ice wall that freezes him out of his cut and moves to risky new ground only to have crucial iron go down. Big Al’s plans to rip through promising dirt are sidelined when his only stripping dozer suffers a catastrophic breakdown that puts right hand man Hiro’s mechanical skills to the ultimate test.
S02E10 Le tout pour le tout 30/04/2014 The miners battle nature’s wrath in an epic final push for gold. Ken’s bid to pull 100 ounces out of hot ground goes sideways when the mine runs out of fuel, forcing him to shut down sluicing and fight his way up Moose Creek’s treacherous road in a desperate bid to get to a fuel station at the top. Karl’s race to mine Sulphur Creek out so he can stake his own claim is benched when one of his crew deals his prize sluice plant a near­ fatal blow. Big Al follows his gut to high stakes ground only to be shut out when his only stripping dozer goes down for the count.