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Shu is a senior at a low-ranked university. Kotomi is a struggling model. Keiko has a desk job at a small company. All of them are former classmates from junior high school. All of them are not satisfied with their current lives and want to find something better but can't seem to. Reflecting many of the conflicts and anxieties of today's youth, these three turn to each other for support to find the meaning in their lives for which they are searching.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yume no California

S01E01 The night our fates changed 12/04/2002
S01E02 I want to hug you 19/04/2002
S01E03 The first smile 26/04/2002
S01E04 The night you suddenly disappeared 03/05/2002
S01E05 The morning we greeted together 10/05/2002
S01E06 The unexpected confession 17/05/2002
S01E07 Uncontrollable thoughts 24/05/2002
S01E08 Atenaki tabidachi 31/05/2002
S01E09 The world we dreamt of 14/06/2002
S01E10 Splitting up... the last promise 21/06/2002
S01E11 A world full of love 28/06/2002