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C'est la rentrée au collège pour trois amies d'enfance, Akari (un peu gaffeuse et ayant tendance à être en retard), Yui (la plus sérieuse) et Kyouko (qui est un peu l'otaku du groupe). Profitant de la fermeture du club de thé, elles fondent un club de distractions dans les anciens locaux du club de thé. Très vite, elles sont rejointes par la pétillante Chinatsu, sosie parfait de l'héroïne de l'anime préféré de Kyouko...


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yuru Yuri

S01E01 Middle School Debut! 05/07/2011 As Akari Akaza enters middle school, she decides to join the Amusement Club alongside her friends, Ky?ko Toshin? and Yui Funami. They are later joined by Akari's classmate, Chinatsu Yoshikawa, who originally intended to join the now-defunct tea ceremony club, but is convinced to join the Amusement Club. Noticing Akari's lack of presence, the girls try and come up with ways of improving her personality.
S01E02 Me and You and the Student Council 12/07/2011 The student council president, Ayano Sugiura, shows her annoyance at always placing behind Ky?ko in tests, while her assistant Chitose Ikeda fantasizes about the yuri potential between the two. Meanwhile, two classmates, Himawari Furutani and Sakurako ?muro, are at war with each other as they are both vying for vice-president position. Ayano later gets a cold so the others pay her a visit.
S01E03 Come to my House!? ...Go Go! 19/07/2011 With Yui now living alone in her own apartment, she invites the others over for lunch. After Akari and Chitose leaves, Ky?ko decides to spend the night only to remember she hasn't finished her homework. ? Come to my House!? ...Go Go! [Japan: literal English translation] ? You Wanna Come Visit?... Yeah, Let`s Go! [Int'l: renamed English title
S01E04 Summer's Great Harvest Festival 26/07/2011 The girls write Tanabata wishes, with Ky?ko becoming annoyed at how Chinatsu's wish is responded to by Yui. Ayano studies fiercely to reach the top of the final exams, only to become disappointed to find Ky?ko hadn't studied due to the exams conflicting with a doujin deadline. Later, everyone heads to the beach, where Ayano's attempts to be more friendly with Ky?ko prove to be near fatal for Chitose's imagination. ? Summer Harvest [Int'l: renamed English title] ? Summer's Great Harvest Festival [Japan: literal English translation] ? The Great Summer Harvest Festival [Japan: alternate English translation] ? The Large Summer Harvest Festival [Japan: alternate English translation]
S01E05 When Akari and the Cicadas Cry 02/08/2011 Ayano unwittingly gets dragged along by Ky?ko, Yui and Chitose to a doujinshi convention in Tokyo to help Ky?ko sell her dojin. Himawari and Sakurako work on their summer homework, where Sakurako talks about why she joined the student council. Meanwhile, Akari and Chinatsu have a confusing conversation about the latter's feelings towards Yui, which leads to Chinatsu practicing "kissing" on Akari against Akari's will just as Yui and Ky?ko walk in.
S01E06 Art?Arter?Artist 09/08/2011 A visit by a first year student inspires Ky?ko to draw a doujin about her and Yui, prompting Chinatsu to respond with her own story, presented in a fearsome art style. They then decide to make some clay art figures. Later, everyone meets Yui's relative's child, Mari, with Chinatsu reluctantly dressing up as her favorite anime character for her.
S01E07 Christmasery 16/08/2011 With Christmas coming up, Ky?ko holds a lottery to arrange the girls into pretend couples for mock dates. Ky?ko and Chinatsu go to the movies and the arcade, Akari and Chitose visit some cafés, Himawari and Sakurako go to a restaurant while Ayano and Yui just sit around talking about their friends. Later, the girl's spend New Year's at home where they check their greetings cards from each other.
S01E08 April Fool's 23/08/2011 On April's Fools Day, Chitose decides to play a lying game with Ayano, who later discovers that all of her supposed lies were actually true. Later, Ky?ko tries to get the attention of Chitose, only to discover it to be her twin sister, Chizuru, who doesn't particularly take too kindly to Ky?ko.
S01E09 I'm Not Scared of This Summer 30/08/2011 The girls try to find way to distract themselves from the Summer heat. While visiting the student council room for some cooling comfort, they meet the silent student council president, Rise Matsumoto, who they mistake for a spirit. Meanwhile, the science teacher, Nana Nishigaki, decides to do her experiments in the student council room.
S01E10 What in the World Have We Learned in Our School Trip, I Wonder 06/09/2011 Kyoko and Yui, along with Ayano and Chitose, go on a school trip to Kyoto, where they explore the town, have a bath together and engage in a pillow fight.
S01E11 Our Amusement Club 13/09/2011 Akari, Kyoko and Yui reminisce their childhood days when they were being bullied by a certain pink-haired girl. Later, a bump on the head causes Kyoko to become uncharacteristically polite. The others soon begin to miss the old Kyoko, especially when Kyoko plans to disband the Amusement Club, so they decide to hit her on the head again to return her to normal.
S01E12 Our Warm and Fuzzy Overnighter 20/09/2011 Everyone decides to have a sleepover at the clubroom during the summer. Kyoko arranges a contest between the Amusement Club and the student council. After everyone has some barrel baths, Chitose goes on a kissing rampage as a result of eating chocolate.
S02E01 The Protagonist Returns 02/07/2012 As the girls travel to a hot spring inn, Akari dreams of being the popular and well admired main protagonist that she always desired to be. Once at the inn, the girls play some ping pong and relax in the baths before watching a Mirakurun movie.
S02E02 Yuru Yuri Everyday 09/07/2012 Yui has a tough time getting Ky?ko to concentrate on her homework. Later, the gang try and come up with nicknames for each other. Meanwhile, Sakurako attempts to catch a snake that is loose in the Student Council room. Later, the girls discuss how to prevent getting a cold, though Ky?ko ends up getting a cold regardless.
S02E03 Chocolate and Tears and Girls and Girls and Isobe Fries 16/07/2012 Akari, Chinatsu, Sakurako and Himawari try to think of ways to pass time in class. Later, Himawari agrees to help teach Chinatsu to knit a scarf, which leaves Sakurako feeling lonely without her. As Valentine's Day comes and the girls give each other chocolates, Himawari gives Sakurako some Valentine gifts.
S02E04 Achoo 23/07/2012 After Ayano becomes bothered by allergies during a high pollen season, the student council clean up their room, with Ayano having trouble keeping her special pudding away from Sakurako. Later, Nana ends up making various useless inventions when the student council just want their clock fixed. Meanwhile, the Amusement Club try to find ways to pass the time while waiting for the rain to pass.
S02E05 Lazy, Japanese Summer 30/07/2012 As Ky?ko realizes she needs to buy new batteries for her air conditioner, she gets distracted and ends up visiting everyone's homes, only to end up buying the wrong batteries after all. As she decides to have everyone go to the pool instead, Akari misses her train and tries to pass the time til the next one comes. Later, Ky?ko visits Yui while she has a cold while Sakurako and Himawari follow Akari around.
S02E06 [Announcement] YuruYuri Sold Out 06/08/2012 The girls come to Comuket to help Ky?ko run her doujin table, which is showing off a fan-made anime of Majokko Mirakurun in which Mirakurun fights against Team Giga Giga after they steal all the balls in the world. After selling out their stock, the girls go around in cosplay, where Chinatsu once again ruins the image of Mirakurun for young children. After Comiket, Ky?ko brings up a box of conversation topics, including some weird ones.
S02E07 Sisterly Relations and Such 13/08/2012 Sakurako gets pushed around a bit by her sisters Nadeshiko and Hanako whilst Himawari's little sister Kaede is a bit too inquisitive. Meanwhile, Chizuru decides to clean up Chitose's room whilst she is out, but has to take extreme measures to stop picturing her and Ayano together and drooling all over the place. Later, Himawari worries that she's gained weight and comes to Sakurako for some exercise advice. Elsewhere, Chinatsu talks with her older sister, Tomoko, who has a crush on Akari's older sister, Akane, who, at that moment, is doing perverted things with Akari's belongings whilst she is away.
S02E08 Chinatsu Unrivaled 20/08/2012 As Kyoko asks the others to help finish her doujin for a deadline, they are reluctant to let Chinatsu assist in anything artistic. Later around Christmas time, everyone goes to a karaoke place, where Chinatsu fails to get a duet with Yui. As a consolation, Yui takes Chinatsu to the movies, where Chinatsu's plan to cling onto Yui during a scary movie backfires.
S02E09 A Day Something May or May Not Happen 27/08/2012 As the first years try to study for their exams, Sakurako has a hard time keeping focused. Later, Chinatsu ends up inadvertently hiding from the others and can't find a good opportunity to reemerge. During a sleepover at Akari's house, Chinatsu has trouble sleeping after watching a scary movie. Later, each of the first years end up encountering one of their seniors, resulting in some curious conversations.
S02E10 School Trip R 03/09/2012 As the second years are going on a school trip to Kyoto which brings up all sorts of déjà vu, Sakurako decides to go on her own 'trip' with Himawari, only to wind up getting lost. Meanwhile, Akari tries to cheer up Chinatsu as she becomes depressed over missing Yui and winds up in another dangerous situation. Later, as Himawari visits Sakurako's house, Nadeshiko recalls how the two used to be much closer in their childhood.
S02E11 The Akari Who Leapt Through Time 10/09/2012 Whilst clearing out the closet, the Amusement Club finds a time machine which accidentally sends Akari back to the day before she started middle school. Stuck in the past until she can figure out how to fix the time machine, Akari decides to try and rectify the mistakes her past self made so she'll have a bigger presence. She ends up being spotted by Akane, who remains supportive of her. After failing her attempts to rectify her embarrassing middle school debut, Akari goes to Nana to ask for help in fixing the time machine. As Akari spends the next week hiding out in Akane's room, Akane warns her that changing her past might replace her old memories. As Nana manages to fix the time machine, Akari spots one more opportunity to save the presence by delaying Ayano from interrupting her, but stops when she thinks about losing her old memories. As Akari returns to the present, she finds everyone has been worried about her since she had disappeared for a week. After an explosive finale, the whole thing is revealed to be a story Kyouko came up with after being inspired by a certain movie.
S02E12 Farewell, Protagonist, Until We Meet Again 17/09/2012 Ky?ko brings a bunch of old toys to the clubroom for everyone to play with. Later, the school holds a culture festival in which the Amusement Club and School Council put on a bizarre production of Snow White, with Ky?ko in the lead role.