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Yuzuko, Yui et Yukari viennent tout juste d'entrer au lycée, et sont inséparables. Après les cours, elles vont à leur propre club d'informatique, avec 2 ordinateurs et un tableau blanc, elles cherchent des mots au hasard sur Google puis discutent des résultats. Bienvenue dans leur vie quotidienne, faite de petits rien, de disputes et de rires !


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Yuyushiki

S01E01 On est au lycée ! 09/04/2013 Yuzuko, Yukari, and Yui explore their new high school for the perfect club to join.
S01E02 Le Club d'informatique 16/04/2013 As the newly formed Data Processing Club, the conversations range from how to grow your chest to ice cream.
S01E03 It's Summer Vacation! 23/04/2013 Summer vacation finds the girls visiting the pool, having a sleep over, and bugging Yui. Yukari goes on an island vacation and sends her friends unique videos.
S01E04 Chairman 30/04/2013 Aikawa looks back on her first time meeting Yui and observes the trio and Yukari's lack of motivation. Later, the girls research Whales while their teacher comes to terms with her "Mom" nickname.
S01E05 Yui and Yukari and Yuzuko 07/05/2013 Yui and Yukari share stories of their first meeting in elementary school, Yuzuko listens with jealously. The conversation shifts from first meetings to death and memories.
S01E06 First Snow Nabe 14/05/2013 Po-ta-to. After discussing the theme of "Days of the week", the club approaches Mom in hopes of having a hotpot.
S01E07 3rd Semester! 21/05/2013 Yukari and Yuzuko enjoy the last days of their vacation at Yui's, again. And the subject of chocolates leads to today's topic: eyes.
S01E08 We're In Our Second Year Now 28/05/2013 After the girls enter their second year and reminisce about their past year at school, they look up some facts about water. Meanwhile, Chiho's friend Kei Okano, who is usually cold towards Yui due to Chiho's fondness of her, changes her opinion of her after she helps to pay for some snacks at the convenience store. Later, the girls try to get to know Yoriko a little better.
S01E09 Fréquentations 04/06/2013 The girls invite Chiho to visit the Data Processing club, where she gets to know Yui a little better. After looking up ogres, the girls decide to go with Chiho and Kei to their friend Fumi Hasegawa's house.
S01E10 Because It's Fun 11/06/2013 Yuzuko plays around with some artist dolls before indulging in a little comic artistry herself.
S01E11 Times Like These 18/06/2013 The girls look into the various aspects of time, before pondering what they'd like to do in the future.
S01E12 Uneventful Good Life 25/06/2013 As summer vacation begins again, the girls spend most of their days at Yui's house, before later going to the beach.
S00E01 Nyanyashiki - 01 29/05/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.1
S00E02 Nyanyashiki - 02 26/06/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.2
S00E03 Nyanyashiki - 03 24/07/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.3
S00E04 Nyanyashiki - 04 28/08/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.4
S00E05 Nyanyashiki - 05 25/09/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.5
S00E06 Nyanyashiki - 06 23/10/2013 A special episode included in DVD/BD Vol.6
S00E07 Messing with People, and Being Messed With 22/02/2017

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