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Zack & Quack follows the adventures of a dynamic and adventurous boy named Zack and his best friend, an impulsive young duck called Quack. They live inside the most amazing pop-up book ever! It’s a place full of fantastical surprises – where pulling pop-ups makes exciting and unexpected things happen. From the second they step into their garden the adventure begins. Exciting new worlds and fantastic voyages quite literally unfold before your eyes.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Zack and Quack

S01E01 Le grand circuit à tirettes 01/03/2014 Zack and friends build a car to ride in the Pop-Up Speedway, but when they arrive at the racetrack, they realise that the other cars and their drivers are very fast and not always very sportsmanlike! Who will take home the trophy?
S01E02 Le tirettosaurus-rex 01/03/2014 Zack and Quack go on an adventure to take a picture of an extremely rare dinosaur for Zack's collection of dinosaur cards. But Quack needs to master teamwork so he and Zack can snap a pic of the camera-shy dinosaur.
S01E03 Super tirette 02/03/2014 In Poptropolis, Quack accidentally pops up a gorilla, who runs off on a rampage around the town with a tube of glue, creating chaos. However, when he gets stuck at the top of a building, the friends realise that the gorilla is scared and in need of help.
S01E04 Les tirettes de l'Ouest 02/03/2014 Looking for milk to have with their cookies, Zack and Quack head to the farm. However, when they get there, they discover that the farmer has lost his cows. Determined to help, the friends devise a plan to get the animals back in their pen.
S01E05 Le cirque en papier 08/03/2014 The friends take a trip to the circus, where Zack tries his hand at taming a wild beast.
S01E06 Le monstre de papier 08/03/2014 When a fuzzy baby monster pops up in the garden, Zack and his friends head off to reunite the baby with its mother. But taking care of the baby along the way is no easy task and becomes a monster of a challenge.
S01E07 La mission sur la lune 09/03/2014 When their torch goes out on a moonless night, Quack is scared of the dark. Zack decides there's only one thing to do - fly a rocket into space to light up the moon and make the night bright!
S01E08 Le hoquet rebondissant 09/03/2014 When Belly-Up has a case of the hopping hiccups, he refuses to listen to Zack's advice and instead sets off on a madcap adventure to cure himself. Now it's up to the rest of the team to rescue Belly-Up and rid him of his hiccups once and for all.
S01E09 The Knights of Pop-A-Lot 09/03/2014 When Quack comes down with a case of the sneezes right in the middle of a game of Knights, gallant Sir Zack heads off on a quest to gather the ingredients for a magical cure.
S01E10 The Poparang 3000 09/03/2014 When Zack gets a new high-tech boomerang, he forgets his friend Quack in favour of his new toy. But when Quack finds himself in trouble, Zack realizes his friendship with Quack is what's really important.
S01E11 Le concours de cerfs-volants en papier 15/03/2014 On the hottest day of the year, Zack decides that the best way to cool down is to take his friends to the snow. However, on their journey to the cold they travel through the desert and into the jungle, where they pick up some extra passengers!
S01E12 La fleur en papier 15/03/2014 When the onset of springtime sunshine threatens to melt Zack's beloved snowman, the friends set off on an adventure to return him to a colder place before it's too late.
S01E13 La Tirette Express 16/03/2014 Zack has gifts for everyone - friendship day balloons. When Quack's balloon blows away, Zack climbs a giant beanstalk to track it down. Up in the clouds, Zack discovers an even bigger and better surprise.
S01E14 Le bonhomme de neige 16/03/2014 When an alien athlete makes an emergency landing in the garden looking for help, Zack, Quack and Kira head off into outer space to play in his championship game. However, space sports turn out to be more challenging than they imagined.
S01E15 La grande course des tirettes enneigées 22/03/2014 It is the day of the big kite contest, and Zack, Kira and Quack decide to enter together. But when it's time to make their kite, the friends discover that they have very different ideas about how to do it.
S01E16 La légende de Toutantirette 22/03/2014 When Zack sees that his poppy-up flower is wilting, he realises that it needs water. Belly-Up tells him that his flower needs rain, but there are no clouds in the sky so Zack decides that he will fly into the sky in search of a rain cloud.
S01E17 Les chevaliers du royaume des tirettes 23/03/2014 When Zack and Quack discover that they're the worst hide-and-seekers in the garden, they decide to study with a group of mysterious hide-and-seek ninjas to become masters of the art.
S01E18 Le boomerang à tournette 3000 23/03/2014 When Fluffy wants a pet fish, Zack takes him on a deep sea adventure to find the most amazing fish ever. But Fluffy gets more than he bargained for when he sets his sights on a shark.
S01E19 La mission sur la Lune 30/03/2014 When mysterious holes start appearing on pages of the book, it is up to detectives Zack, Kira and Quack to solve the case and stop the culprit, a hungry bookworm, before he eats their entire book world, including the garden!
S01E20 Le hoquet rebondissant 30/03/2014 When Hop and Skip's cousin Flip visits, the friends plan a climbing expedition to Mt Popperest. Hop and Skip are nervous, but when Flip gets stuck, Zack encourages the sisters to overcome their fear and save the day.
S01E21 Les maîtres ninja du cache-cache tirette 12/04/2014 The Easter Bunny's special chocolate chickens - the ones that lay the chocolate Easter eggs - have flown the coop! Zack and Quack head off to help the Easter Bunny round them up so that this year's Easter egg hunt can go ahead.
S01E22 Pop Art Festival 12/04/2014 When Kira's paintings get ruined before the Art Festival, Zack heads off on a rainy day adventure to find a way to fix it. But only a rainbow is colourful enough to help Kira repair her work of art.
S01E23 Le ballon de l'amitié 01/05/2014 When Zack and Quack dig up a pharaoh's crown, the friends embark on an adventure through an Egyptian pyramid to return the lost treasure. But when they finally find the pharaoh, Quack's not sure he's ready to give up the crown.
S01E24 Les champions de ballon-tirette 01/05/2014 Zack and Quack set off to compete in a challenging sled race. But when the friends meet an adorable pup who is great at sled-pulling and willing to help the pair, Quack starts to get a little jealous.
S01E25 Des vacances de canard 04/05/2014 When Zack and Quack go on a duck holiday, Quack is excited to play with the other ducks, but Zack feels left out. But when Zack gets into trouble on a big wave, he realises he can always count on his best friend Quack.
S01E26 Les tirettes du rock 04/05/2014 When a horribly loud sound keeps Zack's new rock band from practising for a big music show, Zack sets off to find the sound and stop it before showtime.
S01E27 A Poptastic Dance for Two 10/05/2014 The friends are putting on a dance show, but Quack realises he's not a very good dancer. Determined that Quack dances with him in the show, Zack takes his friend on a journey to find a dance move that's just right for him.
S01E28 L'anniversaire de Quack 10/05/2014 Zack wants to take Quack to the greatest water park ever for his birthday. But the friends run into trouble when they meet a sea monster who pulls the plug on Quack's birthday fun.
S01E29 Le meilleur pique-nique du monde 11/05/2014 When Zack finds a stray kitten, he discovers it is actually a pop-up lion. Zack and Quack try to keep the lion as a pet, but the friends quickly find that taking care of a pet lion is not as easy as they thought.
S01E30 Les olympiades des tirettes 11/05/2014 A whirlwind blows Zack's treehouse out of the garden with Zack, Quack and Kira inside. It's up to the friends to transform the treehouse into every kind of vehicle so they can get it, and themselves, safely back home.
S01E31 Le champ de citrouilles à tirettes 17/05/2014 When the friends take Zack on the best picnic ever, they pop up one picnic mishap after another in search of perfection, until the friends realise they already have exactly what they need - each other!
S01E32 Un minet pas si mignon 17/05/2014 Zack and Quack want to compete in the Pop-Up Games. But afraid they're not good enough to win, Zack makes a paper super suit to help them. Soon, Zack and Quack are racing for gold!
S01E33 Le trésor des pirates à tirettes 18/05/2014
S01E34 Banana Pops 18/05/2014
S01E35 Le roi de la jungle à tirettes 18/05/2014 It's movie night, but Zack is out of popcorn and so himself and Quack set out to find some more. However, they run into a flock of hungry birds who don't want to share the snack spoils.
S01E36 Une bête dans le jardin à tirettes 17/09/2014 When Zack isn't ready for a great day of play to end, he sets off on a mission to keep the sun from setting so the day will never end. Then he can go on playing forever!
S01E37 La soirée camping 18/09/2014 Zack and Quack are planning a welcome home party for Belly-Up and decide to tidy up the garden. But cleaning up the regular way is going to take way too long, so the friends invent a machine to help them do it the easy way.
S01E38 Une journée sans fin 26/09/2014 Zack finds a beautiful gem and wants to display it in the Pop-Up Museum so the whole world can see it. But when Quack loses the precious stone inside the museum, it unleashes pop-up chaos.
S01E39 La machine à replier 04/10/2014 When a naughty ghost swipes everyone's Halloween treats from the garden, the team set off on a scary adventure to get their sweets back in time for their big party.
S01E40 Le spectacle de danse 04/10/2014 When a spider pops up in the garden and scares Belly-Up, Zack heads off to find the spider a perfect new home. However, the mission turns out to be a dangerous one for Belly-Up, who is rescued by an unlikely hero.
S01E41 La cabane à tirettes 25/10/2014 When pop-up scouts Zack and Quack want to earn a special bravery badge, they have to prove themselves by journeying to a mysterious island to retrieve a spectacular purple stone.
S01E42 Calendrier de l'avent à tirettes 25/10/2014 Quack is participating in the Feather Fiesta parade but when he sees all the beautiful birds who will be alongside him, he loses confidence. Now Zack's got to show Quack that he's perfect just the way he is.
S01E43 La lettre au Père Noël 17/12/2014 Zack gives his friends a special pop-up Christmas calendar to count down the days until Christmas. But when Quack and Fluffy lose all of the Christmas surprises that pop out of it, they have to find a way to make it right.
S01E44 Les scouts des tirettes 17/12/2014 When Zack's postbox gets frozen, he decides to deliver his letter to Santa in person! But finding Santa is harder than Zack and Quack expected. Now it's going to take a real Christmas miracle to get there in time.
S01E45 Tirette Man et Canard Boy 22/12/2014 Convinced they can't be heroes without capes and masks, Zack and Quack head to Pop-Ville to get superhero costumes. But when they see people in need of heroic help, they'll have to find a way to be super without their costumes.
S01E46 Pop-Up Genie 22/12/2014
S01E47 Le terrain de skateboard à tirettes 22/12/2014 When Kira sets off to Pop-Up Skate Park to ride on the most challenging skateboard course ever, Zack and Quack want to join her. There's only one problem - they don't know how to skateboard!
S01E48 Quick Quack Duck 29/12/2014 When Zack takes all of this friends camping so they can see a once in a lifetime comet, he finds out that Quack has some funny ideas about what camping is.
S01E49 Le défilé à tirettes 29/12/2014 When Zack wants to build a roller coaster at the Pop-Up Fun Fair, he has to figure out a way to overcome Quack's clumsiness so that they can build the most amazing roller coaster ever.
S01E50 Le musée à tirettes 04/01/2015 When a space robot takes Zack's pop-up watch, the friends go on a mission to track it down. When they find out the lost robot is trying to use the watch to signal home, Zack comes up with an out-of-this-world plan to help him.
S01E51 Pop-Up Posse To The Rescue! 04/01/2015
S01E52 À la recherche de la montre à tirette 04/01/2015 A game of crazy golf gets out of hand when Quack gets too competitive - but he decides he has to change his ways when his friends refuse to play with him.
S01E53 Tirette Man et Canard Boy 00/00/0000
S01E54 Le mini-golf à tirettes 00/00/0000
S01E55 Les montagnes russes à tirettes 00/00/0000
S01E56 Les tirettes de l'Ouest 00/00/0000
S01E57 Du pop-corn pour la soirée cinéma 00/00/0000