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Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Zane's The Jump Off

S01E01 First Down 29/03/2013 NFL star Dmitri Vance and his frat brothers celebrate the break-up of Woody Wood's marriage at his club, "The Jump Off". Meanwhile, Woody's wife, Kenya, bonds with her friends - the wives, girlfriends and exes of the other frat brothers.
S01E02 Man-in-Motion 05/04/2013 Dmitri picks up his frat brother Earnest Bishop from prison. Earnest begins the long process of rebuilding his life, which includes reaching out to his ex-wife Portia. Tension between Earnest and Chandler Bishop rise.
S01E03 Pass Interference 12/04/2013 Earnest sees ex-wife Portia with her new boyfriend. Brenda wants to move in with Dmitri, but he has his eye on someone new. Woody interviews a sexy singer for the club. Spencer gets a surprise visit at the radio station.
S01E04 Playing the Field 19/04/2013 Gabriel is beginning to have suspicions about Aspen and Sabrina. Much to Spencer's surprise and dismay, Nandi announces her reality TV show. Dmitri has fantasies of Lauren while making love to Brenda.
S01E05 Illegal Motion 26/04/2013 Dmitri and Lauren continue to get closer. Woody accuses Kenya of sleeping with her boss. A planned outing between Portia and Earnest has tragic consequences. Gabriel continues to act more and more insecure about Aspen.
S01E06 Red Flag 03/05/2013 Sparks are starting to fly all over. Earnest and Portia are starting to ignite. Nandi is starting to feel something for Spencer. Chandler and Earnest have angry words over Earnest's friendship with Sabrina. Oh yeah ... Brenda is still acting like a trick.
S01E07 Turnover 10/05/2013 Dmitri receives very bad news about his arm. He learns that he has a son from a high school romance. Spencer and Nandi finally connect. Kenya kicks Woody out for good.
S01E08 Backfield in Motion 17/05/2013 Earnest has the guys frantic that he might try to kill himself. Brenda refuses to make it easy for Dmitri to leave her. Nandi tries to understand how she feels about Spencer. Aspens receives damning information about Chandler.
S01E09 Offensive Holding 24/05/2013 A night of passion between Portia and Earnest doesn't turnout the way that Earnest hoped. Dmitri continues to reach out to Harris. Brenda stalks Dmitri. News that Kenya hired a lawyer sends Woody looking for a distraction. Earnest and Sabrina kiss.
S01E10 Ball Control 31/05/2013 Brenda continues to spy on Dmitri and Lauren. Sabrina, Portia, and Kenya try to figure out what to do with the men in their lives. Chandler threatens Earnest about seeing Sabrina. Harris decides to give a relationship with Dmitri a chance.
S01E11 Possession 07/06/2013 Spencer and Nandi profess their love for each other. Woody and Kenya reignite the passion in their relationship. Brenda attempts voodoo to get Dmitri back. Earnest and Keith plot against Chandler.
S01E12 Down by Contact 14/06/2013 Spencer and Nandi grow deeper in love each day. Brenda grows crazier in her jealousy. Some of that craziness is now rubbing off on Gisele. She wants to break-up Woody and Kenya. The drama among the Bishop's continues.
S01E13 Two-Minute Drill 21/06/2013 Dmitri throws a surprise birthday party for Lauren that has a few other surprises. Earnest and Sabrina hook up. Nandi and Spencer have a swinging good time. Chandler is arrested.