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One thousand years ago there lived the powerful sorcerer, OZ-NAY. OZ-NAY protected the world from evil forces with the help of his powerful guardian deity ZENKI. Fearful that no one other than himself could control the mighty ZENKI, Oz-Nay sealed ZENKI in a stone monument within the walls of the family home. Generations later we meet Cherry, a young sorceress and direct descendent of Oz-Nay. Cherry is still developing her powers under the guidance of her grandmother. Cherry knows of ZENKI'S powers to destroy evil and she has learned the incantation which can free ZENKI from his tomb. One day Cherry's life is threatened by a monster created from a "Seed of Evil." The only power strong enough to destroy this monster is ZENKI. Cherry summons ZENKI by reciting the magic incantation which miraculously brings the mighty guardian into this world. Although ZENKI saves her life, Cherry can barely control this fearless guardian.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Zenki

S01E01 The fierce guardian spirit awakens 09/01/1995
S01E02 Karuma the demon and her three demon disciples 16/01/1995 Guren Find a Karuma Seed ,Meanwhile Kurabashy Thinks in he's Fellings for Chiaky When The seed that Guren Find attack Him in The Form Of a Spider ,Kurabashy is Contaminaded by the Karuma Seed and he becomes into the Voydoo Demon, Kidnapinng Chiaky,Then Zenki appears and save Her....
S01E03 Shut in by the shutter 23/01/1995 This Chapter starts when Anju find a Karuma Seed in a Abandoned House, Meanwhile Zenki and Chiaky Fight Because Zenki see her changing Close, Later In School Somebody is looking in the Girl's Dresser and Taking Pictures, Chiaky Believes that is Zenki , just To Find Out that Is A Teacher posses By The Karuma Seed that Anju Find, making him into The Dakki Demon..
S01E04 The pot filled with desire 30/01/1995 This Episode Starts When Bonze Jukai Go to Buy The Legendary ""Pot Of desires"" Just To Find Out That The Pot Has Been Sold,Zenki Feels The Scent of a Karuma Seed (This One was inside of the Pot) The person Who Buy It Finds The Karuma Seed and he is Possessed Whit The ability of become Things In Gold ,When Bonze Jukai Find The Pot , He take it Of the Buyer Then the Buyer became the Jacongo Demon
S01E05 Tastes like fresh Zenki 06/02/1995 Zenki Fights Whit Chiaky Because She Puts Locks On the Fridge , so that Way Zenki doesn't Eat To Much, Zenki go to eat at Chiaky schools just to find out that the principal also steals the food of the cafeteria, The principal reveals that he is possessed whit a Karuma seed and become the Icawoo Demon , Who Try to eat the people , just then Zenki think that he will be free throwin Chiaky to The mouth Of Icawoo , But Chiaky call him and both gets trapped in his stomach
S01E06 The boy and the telephone 13/02/1995 This Episode Shows the Live of a Young Kid , Hiroshi , who doesn't have any friends and try to get some on the phone, His telephone rings and when he pick up , a Karuma seed Possessed Him,Hiroshi is Missing and the temple people is helping to find him ,when Zenki and Chiaky find out where he is , Anju tell this to Hiroshi who Became an Teledead Demon, Zenki destroy Him but Hiroshi dies to because he was too infected by the Seed, at the end Hiroshi call His Mom from the other world and tell her that now he has many friends.
S01E07 Run for the finish line of desire 20/02/1995 Ako's Boyfriend, Shun appears in this episode in preparation for a race, But his trainer give him a Karuma Seed , this seed give him the ability of speed but for more he run, he couldn't find a goal, soon appears in the city the mystery of the running Shadow in the night,ako is worried and tell Chiaky Who Tell Zenki .After that Zenki Find out what is happening whit shun, the trainer of Shun (Gowla) become Shun into the Guaraney demon , who is finally beat by Zenki , and return to normal in his relationship whit Ako.
S01E08 Welcome to Hotel Mummy 27/02/1995 Karma is Fighting Whit Guren,Gowla And Anju because they don't do they work well, And She Tell them that their mission is not fight whit Zenki,is only open manny Seed as they Can, So Guren take the next Mission. In other place Chiaky and Friends go to an Hotel ,Which One is free for Woman.. Soon they discovers that woman's at the Hotel are getting Mummified,They Tell this to the owner Of the Hotel,But her Don't give them much attention (she was possess by the seed), After littles Mollusk appears they Became into a strange Demon Who Fight Whit Zenki But Is Killed By Chiaky and An Strange Helper (Shoma Maki)Then Guren appears and start To Fight Whit Zenki, and after use their Powers a Big Explosion happens..
S01E09 A demon in the basement and the fire spell 06/03/1995 The Smoke of the explosion Clears..just to Show that Guren is intact The Fight continue but Guren return Zenki to his Kid Form, in that moment anju appears and tells Guren that Karma is calling ,the strange man tell Anju if her remember him but anju throws an indirect,the men say he is Shoma Maki, but Anju and Guren disappear, the Group go to the interior of the Hotel and find Nami Mummified , this start a fight between Zenki and Chiaky when zenki tell Chiaky that ""don't waste time crying"" Chiaky give him the Brazalet...
S01E10 A boy and his dogs 13/03/1995 Chiaky meets the young boy Yutaka who teach dogs, and showing Chiaky a trick of his dog Futai, The dog find a Karuma seed and eat it without notice, the seed will later be removed by Yutaka who will be possessed whit his dogs and all of them became the ""Killer Root"" demon ,meanwhile zenki is battling whit Gowla in the temple. After zenki go to help thanks to Chiaky Magic and when a Storm begins the dogs starts to try escape of the monster body.
S01E11 The night song of the samurai 20/03/1995
S01E12 Memories buried in the snow 27/03/1995
S01E13 The challenge of the wishing plaques 03/04/1995
S01E14 Reveal Zenki's secret 10/04/1995
S01E15 The plan of sealing up the guardian spirit 17/04/1995
S01E16 The spell of darkness. Souma vs Anju 24/04/1995
S01E17 The servant of evil falls. Anju's longest day 01/05/1995
S01E18 The golden dragon awakens 08/05/1995
S01E19 The two Chiakis. 800-year promise 15/05/1995
S01E20 Heian capital up in flames. Come, golden axe! 22/05/1995
S01E21 The pentagram shrines in the ancient capital 29/05/1995
S01E22 Guardian village destroyed. Water formation 05/06/1995
S01E23 Goula the traitor 12/06/1995
S01E24 Come back to life Zenki! Flame formation 16/06/1995
S01E25 The last battle! The end of Karuma 26/06/1995
S02E01 Eve of the guardian spirit festival 03/07/1995 An unknown force of great evil is on the move awakening the seeds of possession which have been scattered throughout the world. Once awakened, the seeds bring forth a great monster capable of much chaos and destruction. Enno Chiaki is the 55th generation child of Enno Ozunu - a great mage who lived in Shikigami-cho 1200 years past, who lives at the family shrine making ends meet by doing exorcisms and showing people about town. The family shrine however also holds the seal to one of the seeds of possession. Two of Karma's minions travel to Shikigami-cho in order to release the seal on the seed. Chiaki faced with a possession beast needs help and fast, if only she could break the seal holding Zenki - the family's protector demon and summon him forth.
S02E02 A New Enemy 10/07/1995 The primary forces of evil Karma, and her three primary servants Guren - a hothead, impulsive type, Anjou - a cold-hearted (or seemingly so) woman, and Gohra - an older, more experienced male, hold a meeting to discuss a potential threat to Karma's plans. Guren is sent to stop the force which has recently awakened in Shikigami-cho and could prove to be a threat to Karma's plans of taking over the world via the 108 seeds of possession. Meanwhile, Chiaki is faced with a uncontrollable, unlistening Zenki and is trying to find some way to make him her servant, but in truth her only hold on him is the bracelet she wears. Zenki, of course, would sooner eat her than listen to her. Guren's meddling in Shikigami-cho results in Kuribayashi - an initiate at the Buddhist temple being possessed. How is Chiaki to prevent Zenki from killing Kuribayashi and somehow manage to save the altered boy?
S02E03 The awakening of the heartbeat! Akira's secret 17/07/1995
S02E04 Roar Out! 24/07/1995
S02E05 Stolen faces. Beware of the pick-up artist! 31/07/1995
S02E06 The hands that create souls 07/08/1995
S02E07 Terror by the lake. Listen to the song of the spirit 14/08/1995
S02E08 Fragments of desire. Chiaki in big trouble! 21/08/1995
S02E09 Jukai runs for office! 28/08/1995
S02E10 An arrow that pierces the full moon. Ichiko's secret 04/09/1995
S02E11 Forbidden garden. Let's put flowers on our heads 11/09/1995
S02E12 A star is born. Got the punch line? 18/09/1995
S02E13 The nightmare of the lost pool. Souma returns 25/09/1995
S02E14 Hirumaki's scheme. The shadow of death creeps 02/10/1995
S02E15 Dangerous encounter. Sayaka's crush 09/10/1995
S02E16 Kokutei gets kidnapped. Assissinate the dog diety! 16/10/1995
S02E17 Akira's the target. Attacker from the Realm of the Dead 23/10/1995
S02E18 Darkness approaches. Chiaki gets tested 30/10/1995
S02E19 The miracle of Mother Mary. The memories of an ancient jewel 06/11/1995
S02E20 Kazue dies at dawn! Kill the phantom karuma beast! 13/11/1995
S02E21 Beautiful beast. Negation power 20/11/1995
S02E22 Enno shrine under attack. Come, Earth Dragon staff! 27/11/1995
S02E23 The fate of the moon & the wolf. Beyond the white & silver! 04/12/1995
S02E24 The guardian spirit vs. the dog diety. The last battle of destiny 11/12/1995
S02E25 The god of destruction arrives. Fight, courageous ones 18/12/1995
S02E26 Go guardian spirit! Golden axe Ludora 25/12/1995