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Pint-sized cars live and play in a life-size forest in this live-action series. The remote-controlled vehicles -- Zack, Lily, Rex and Axle -- take part in adventures that see them crossing streams, building dams and exploring meadows. Although they may be small objects in a big world, the friends approach every potential problem with enthusiasm and use their mantra, "try, try again," to overcome any obstacle that is put in front of them.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Zerby Derby

S01E00 00/00/0000
S01E01 Big Rock, Sandy Mountain 29/08/2013 A log is discovered in a sand pit
S01E02 Eye in the Sky 29/08/2013 Chase the helicopter is always watching over the Zerbies, but he's having a very busy day trying to keep track of everyone.
S01E03 The Construction Zerby Race 29/08/2013 A race involves carrying three heavy logs.
S01E04 The Big Move 30/08/2013 Zack and Rex build a sand pit
S01E05 Flower Power 30/08/2013 Protecting a flower without stopping the Zerbies from passing.
S01E06 Best Jump Ever 30/08/2013 A ramp for jumping is constructed and the gang jumps until they get it right.
S01E07 Mazy Days of Summer 05/09/2013 Zack and Rex try to solve the Zerby Town maze
S01E08 Boat House 05/09/2013 a garage is built for Bob the boat
S01E09 Zerby Turn 05/09/2013 The Zerbies try to go around a sharp turn quickly.
S01E10 A Better Bridge 06/09/2013 Zerbies build a bridge over the ditch that Rex dug through Zerby Town.
S01E11 Axle's Track 06/09/2013 Axle and Zack build their own race course in a meadow so the Zerbies can go fast.
S01E12 Zack Camps Out 06/09/2013 Zack and Lily hope to stay dry while camping out.
S01E13 The Zerby Town Dam 07/09/2013 The Zerbies try to stop the rain from washing away the trail, so Zack and Lily decide to build a dam.
S01E14 Hide and Seek 03/09/2013 Zack and Rex are playing hide and seek, but Rex is too big (and too yellow) to do a good job hiding.
S01E15 The Zerbowl 04/09/2013 The Zerbies try to figure out how to jump out of a giant bowl in the sand.
S01E16 Tunnel Drat 09/09/2013 The Construction Zerbies make a fun obstacle out of a large pile of dirt
S01E17 Raking Leaves 09/09/2013 Zack and Lily set out to find the leafiest place in the forest. But when they get there, they find there are too many leaves.
S01E18 Up a Tree 09/09/2013 Chase the helicopter starts sleep flying while taking a nap. Zack and Lily try to wake him.
S01E19 Gravel Gully 10/09/2013 Zack and Lily try driving across a lake to get to Gravel Gully.
S01E20 Rex in the Air 10/09/2013 Rex tries going off of a jump.
S01E21 Wind Breaker 10/09/2013 Zack comes up with a plan to stop leaves from gathering on a trail.
S01E22 Rainy Day in Zerby Town 11/09/2013 The Construction Zerbies work in a pit that is wheel-deep in water.
S01E23 Bottleneck 11/09/2013 Zack, Axle and Lily try to squeeze through a narrow gap.
S01E24 Balancing Act 11/09/2013 Strut tips over when he tries to lift a large rock.
S01E26 Stumped 12/09/2013 Zack and Axle play in the leafiest part of the forest and lose sight of each other.
S01E27 Force of Wheel 12/09/2013 Rex the dump truck gives trailer rides.
S01E28 Driftwood Dilemma 13/09/2013 Zack and Lily find a giant driftwood stump on the beach.
S01E29 Zerby Town Mountain 13/09/2013 The Construction Zerbies build a large dirt pile and try to climb a mountain of dirt.
S01E30 Beached Bob 13/09/2013 Bob the boat gets stuck on the beach.
S01E31 Ides of Marsh 09/10/2013 The Zerby gang has an adventure in the mud.
S01E32 To Build a Raft 10/10/2013 Bob the boat's raft gets washed up and broken during a big storm.
S01E33 Running Water 10/10/2013 The morning after a big rainstorm everyone wants Walter the Wash-truck to clean.
S01E34 Lily Gets Moved 16/11/2013 The Zerbies move Lily's garage to a new location when a tree covers her solar panel.
S01E36 Making Waves 16/11/2013 The Zerbies try to make a jump in the water for Bob the boat when he tries to imitate Zack's movements on land.
S01E37 Mud Brothers 30/11/2013 Zack and Rex have fun playing in the mud and try to make it last as long as they can
S01E38 Crossed Roads 30/11/2013 Zack and Rex create two different trails that are perpendicular, so they try to find a way to keep the Zerbies from bumping into each other at the intersection.
S01E40 Tunnel Drat 18/04/2014 Zack and Rex build a tunnel through a pile of dirt.
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