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10 ans après l'Incident Deimos qui fut à l'origine de la guerre entre la Terre et sa colonie Mars, James Links est un routard de l'espace bientôt quinquagénaire et désespéré de voir sa vie familiale partir en lambeaux : depuis que sa femme l'a quitté sans même lui dire pourquoi, ses liens paternels avec ses enfants s'effilochent toujours plus chaque jour et il noie son chagrin dans l'alcool... Un jour, un commanditaire anonyme lui confie une cargaison mystérieuse qui s'avère être une "orbital frame" extrêmement performante et dotée d'une I.A. de conception révolutionnaire nommée Dolorès. Pour couronner le tout, non seulement elle a un sacré caractère mais en plus elle appelle James "tonton" !!! Comme si le mystère n'était pas assez épais comme ça, l'inspecteur des douanes terriennes se retrouve assassiné par un de ses propres hommes à bord du vaisseau-cargo de James qui se retrouve ainsi accusé du meurtre... Commence alors une folle course-poursuite dans l'espace au cours de laquelle James tente tant bien que mal de reconstruire sa famille tout en essayant de déjouer un plan machiavélique pour anéantir le fragile équilibre de la paix dans le Système Solaire.


Saisons & épisodes Les résumés de tous les épisodes de Zone of the Enders Dolores,i

S01E01 James' Misfortune 07/04/2001 James Links, a former military man, is now in the transportation businesses. He has two grown children, Leon and Noel, and he had a wife named Rachel who passed away. James continues with his ordinary life until one day he meets a highly-advanced Orbital Frame with an A.I. of unknown origin - Dolores! Now, James is in for one heck of an adventure
S01E02 Elevator of Capital Punishment 14/04/2001
S01E03 Leon's Choice 21/04/2001
S01E04 Final Countdown 28/04/2001
S01E05 A Runaway Trip to Death 05/05/2001
S01E06 Get Away 12/05/2001
S01E07 Untouchable 19/05/2001
S01E08 The Grave of Humanity 26/05/2001 James, Leon, Noel, and Dolores attempt to escape toward Mars, where they suspect Rachel is.
S01E09 Lost in Space 02/06/2001 As the Links family continue their voyage to Mars, they discover a serious problem - they don't have enough fuel!! Now, James must make the ultimate decision to save Leon and Noel...
S01E10 Total Recall 09/06/2001 Realizing that there isn’t enough fuel to reach Mars, James must make the ultimate decision... that is until Dolores stumbles across a hidden space station!
S01E11 Tightrope 16/06/2001 After a scuffle with a satellite, James, Noel, Leon, and Dolores hide out in a garbage dump right outside of Mars. James soon comes up with a plan to hide their ship in garbage and try to enter the atmosphere, hoping to be undetected... that is if they can pull it off!
S01E12 Die Hard 23/06/2001 James, Leon, Noel, and Dolores land on Mars at last. They are "shipwrekced" in the ocean and are rescued by two people who have made it their job t protect Mars and its progress into a new "Earth". Little does James and the others know, they have just landed into a conflict between their new friends and the group opposing them.
S01E13 Red Desert 30/06/2001 James and company manage to find land. After surviving the harshness of a Mars night, the four find a "greenhouse" with oxygen and two people. Who are the old man and child and what are they doing there? And, what will happen when the greenhouse comes under attack?
S01E14 Rebecca 07/07/2001 After defeating a mech, James opens up the cockpit and discovers that the pilot is actually a young girl named Rebecca Hunter. She attempts to blow up the mech, killing both of them, but James manages to escape, saving her in the process. With Dolores, the three head to an abandoned Energy Plant. There, James treats Rebecca with kindness, giving her food and allowing her to take a bath. However, she soon manages to cut off all the power and escape with Dolores. Will she make it back to her squad? Will James survive without any oxygen, or will he find a way out?
S01E15 Container for Sand 14/07/2001 James, Rebecca, and Dolores attempt to find humanity. They eventually do, although it isn't whom James expected. Can James shake Rebecca's friends and still manage to drop her off safely? Meanwhile, Leon and Noel find a town thanks to a man named Nikolai. But, is he friend or foe? And, what plot does Cindy have in mind?
S01E16 Massive Illusion 21/07/2001 Rebecca is back at the base, but all is not well. A powerful man comes and challenges her to a duel. It is interrupted, however, when the Earth forces arrive looking for James Links. Afterwards, Rebecca visits an important woman.
S01E17 Family Game 28/07/2001 With barely any fuel left and a dearth of oxygen, James volunteers to trek in the sand storm for 24 hours to the next town. The good news is that he stumbles across a town less then half way. Even better, he meets his idol Isaac Barrett in the town. But, the good times are short lived.
S01E18 Showdown at Noon 04/08/2001 Nikolai captures Noel and challenges James to a duel. Will James be able to win? And, why does Nikolai hate James so much?
S01E19 The Time of Reunion 11/08/2001 The Links Family finally come within feet of where Rachel is. James and Dolores cause a massive distraction, as Leon and the others sneak in and track down Rachel. Will they find her? And, will everyone be able to escape alive?
S01E20 Upheaval 18/08/2001 Rachel fills the rest of the gang in on the situation and what Dolores actually is. Menahwile, Naphth Pleminger learns that Isis is now calling itself Dolores. Upon hearing this, Naphth gets angry, proving that he may be more then who he seems.
S01E21 Set Course for North, North-West 25/08/2001 War has begun! Leon figures out their plan via Nikolai's left over files. With the information at hand, can the Links family pass it on to the Earth Forces? And, when James and Dolores head out, what trouble will they find? Civilizations are still present, yet a battlefield surrounds them.
S01E22 Clash 01/09/2001 After Sameji overthrows Van, James and Radium face off. What is Radium's plan? Will James win against him, or is he just walking into a trap?!
S01E23 Goodbye, Mars 08/09/2001 After waking up in a hospital bed, James informs everyone that Radium intends to drop the orbital elevator on Earth. The only way to stop him is to convince Earth and Mars to cooperate with each other. Will James be able to do it? And, with Dolores still out of commission, can James bring her back to how she was? Is there hope? Or, will Radium succeed?
S01E24 Vanishing Point 15/09/2001 James and the crew head toward Earth in hopes of catching up with Radium. However, when they get close, they discover that it's too late. James goes on ahead with Dolores and the two enter in the middle of a fierce battle. Meanwhile, Leon is put in charge of the ship and must make an important decision.
S01E25 Sorrowing Angel 22/09/2001 James manages to save Rebecca, and Dolores saves James. James lectures Rebecca, attempting to open up her eyes. Will he get through to her? Does he even have time? Meanwhile, Leon and the others have trouble of their own, as they have to purge two levels of the orbital elevator to maintain balance. What's worse, they have to do it manually! Will Leon and Noel succeed? The situation is dire, as James and Radium face off! Who will be victorious?
S01E26 Farewell to Arms 29/09/2001 James and Radium's fight comes to a thrilling conclusion. With that all said and done, however, the end is not near. The elevator is still descending, and at this rate, there's nothing that can be done. Dolores decides to take matters into her own hands and sacrifice her own life to stop the elevator from falling! Will she go through with it? Will her power be enough? Will she survive? And, what has become of Rebecca and Axel? The enthralling conclusion of Zone of the Enders has arrived!!